Interview: In Their Shoes – Angel aka Vagrant Sneaker

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I was recently interviewed by Lester Jones for a new feature called “In Their Shoes” on I Dig Your Sole Man. It’s a series about people in the sneaker/fashion arena that are intriguing to him and will have a unique story to tell. I’m very humbled by the fact that I was chosen first to kick off the series. The interview had strong questions and they were answered as you would expect them to be. Humbling and honest. If you want to know a little more about how my passion came about, than enjoy the read…

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3 Years And Counting, Vagrant Sneaker


First off, Happy New Year to everyone out there that reads my blog and follows what I do. Hope you all had a great and unforgettable New Years Eve 2012. I sure did. Now that 2013 is here it’s time to move forward with another year at It’s been over 3 years now that this blog has existed and you can expect many more to come. Though 2012 was a very slow year here with very few posts, that didn’t stop anyone from visiting the blog to see if there was any new content up. That only solidifies that the readers are interested in what I have to say…

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The New Crack Epidemic: Why Are Kids Getting Killed For Their Sneakers

In Sneaker Freaker 24 I wrote a story about the current state of buying elusive and limited sneakers. Most notably, those coming from Nike but not limited to just them. The story was exclusive to the print magazine, but those that didn’t get or couldn’t acquire it can now read it in its entirety after the break.WARNING! There are no photos, just words. It’s done on purpose because most people don’t read. Instead, it comes down to just looking at photos in a blog post. But, if you would like to see some photos you can check them out over at Sneaker Freaker.  Thank you to Woody and team over at Sneaker Freaker for giving me the opportunity to tackle this story and for the help with acquiring the snap shots of the videos. Enjoy the read and feel free to leave your opinion on this subject. On to to the next story…

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Available: VEAM “Lagoon”

If you’ve been following the Veam news, than you would know that these were very hard to come by. One, there wasn’t any retailers carrying them and two, you had to get on a waiting list because of the high demand. Today, I bring you great news in the form of a new online retailer stocking them. At the moment, this is the only color-way available from there, but than again, this was the original launch make-up originally reserved for friends and family. Now you have the opportunity to grab these French handmade shoes coming out of the freshest ingredients on the planet…

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Message: Slow Updates For The Next Few Months

Hello Everyone. I know some have been wondering what’s going on with the updates on my blog. Well, working retail for over 18 years, tis’ the season for my work load to triple for the next three and half months. Anyone that works retail now or has can understand what I mean. It’s the holiday’s which always puts me, as a store manager, on top of the crowds making sure my store and team do well with our goals. There has also been a few personal agendas that have kept me busy too. So, for now I will update the blog when I can. I hope you still come back to see any future updates and to make it easier, you can always add your e-mail to receive updates when I post them. It’s under my avatar labeled Email Subscriptions. Don’t worry, I don’t use your e-mails for anything other than the updates, which are automatically sent once I post a article. After these next 3+ months, I will go to my regular weekly updates

As far as all the questions I’ve received through my e-mail or Facebook, my apologies for the long and dragged out replies. I’ll get to you, just be patient with me because I don’t ignore any e-mails and will reply when I can. So for now, I will have to take a few steps away from the blog and take care of business so I can make that money… Money for more shoes! lol

Kind Regards to all.

Vagrant Sneaker

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