The one and only universal shoe magazine in the world, Sneaker Freaker, debuts issue 23. It’s a special one too because it unveils SF’s next collaboration to the world in a unique way. The SF x Puma “Bunyip” on the cover, which I really like BTW, can actually be smelled by the scratch and sniff effect. Grace your nails over the treated area and get an idea of what Bunyip smells like. The mag is also filled with a great piece written by Chris Aylen on the current state of the ‘Queues‘ aka Camp-Outs for shoes, with photos provided by me. There is also another nice piece I found very interesting on tennis/court shoes. They have some nice old campaign ads throughout the story. The last article that was fun to flip through is the ‘Best Of The Best For 2011‘. You get to see and read about what certain people in the industry picked as their favorite shoe for 2011. Nice versatility in there for sure…

You can pick up your copy of SF23 at certain boutiques around the world, or order it directly from Sneaker Freaker. Enjoy!

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2012. All Rights Reserved


Available: Sneaker Freaker Issue 23

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