I had to take a break from my current photo campaign to write about this collaboration. It’s one that many questioned whether it would ever see the light of day. Spring forward from 2012 to 2015 and it’s finally here; originally seen back in 2012 as a hand made 1 of 1 at an event AFEW had in Germany.  The ASICS x AFEW GLlll “KOI” colorway looks exactly as it did 3 years ago. It dawns the same red, grey, white and black hues, but with some upgraded accents and details. Some of these are the tan hue to the heel tab, wood-like eyelets, marbled front outsole, leather split tongue and perforated side panels. This is definitely a more complete ‘story’ to the original and even though we will not see the OG shape from 2012, you can’t complain to what has been presented here…


There is one sad downfall to all of us in any other part of the world. Unless you have a hook up over in Germany, you can keep dreaming about getting this special edition. The shoe comes packaged in a wooden Bento Box. In that box you will get a booklet, AFEW x ASICS chopsticks and two pairs of laces (wasabi and soy sauce). There will also be three limited edition T-shirts by KWILLS that you can buy separately from the box set on location. Yes please! So many damn goodies it’s making me salivate.

Interested? I’m sure you are, so here’s the skinny on the release. One. It will release first at AFEW in-store in Germany at 8:00am on May 30th, 2015. Two. With any god give luck, remaining pairs will be available online via a SECRET LINK sent by email. In order to get on that list you have to sign up HERE (scroll down a few to get to the release INFO area). Just put your e-mail in the box and you’ll get a subscriber e-mail verification to click on. Easy.

As a fan of footwear and their materials N details, this is one of those rare cases where a sneaker lived up to an actual release. It did take about 3 years to finally arrive, but oh so sweet it is arriving on the 25th anniversary of the Gel Lyte lll. With it’s simple colorway and abundance of quality materials N details, this shoe is in my top 3 for 2015, if not numero uno. Simply a joy to look at in this photo story you can view below and at the end of it all, this is a fantastic collaboration pulling out all the stops that will take it’s place in history as one of best releases ever. It fucking rarely gets better than this. Bravo AFEW.

Good luck to everyone out camping in Germany and all the people that may be waiting for that secret link email. Like me (No other information was provided for a regular Global release, but stay tuned). Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to star rate it at the top of the post.











entire afew asics koi


Release INFO: ASICS x AFEW Gel Lyte lll “Koi”

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