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51 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Vagrant!
    I just read your post about the Nike Air Hoop Structure. Great post + the pics btw!
    I’m really liking the shoes and I know it will definitely look good in shorts but it concerns me whether you can rock it as well in jeans(?). If so, any tips?

    I’m just new to the sneaker game and I’m still waiting for my first drops, and this shoe I’m still not 100% sure about. Hope you could help.

    Great site, keep it up!


    • Daniel, you can rock these with jeans easily! If you check my FLICKR, you can see me wearing jeans with them. I have a couple more shots too. Hope that helps a little. BTW, I wear straight cut jean.


      • OMG!!! That was a kick@ss picture man, soo fly!!!
        Thanks for the help, now I’m definitely having mine.

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  3. Hey V!
    I am looking for NB 1300CL. Maybe you’ve seen them somewhere in the U.S.?
    I am trying to buy them by Rakuten, but after purchasing the shop says they didn’tt have it?
    Can you help somehow?


  4. sup
    hey, saw your article on the asics gel-saga!!!!!!! super stoked!!! is this a UK release or general release with different colorways going to different countries? i hope they are released here in the US… been waiting forever to get these back!

  5. Yo V,
    I was wondering about that front overlay on your latest id’s “porg” … that the new crinkled leather available on nikeid? If so, how do u like it? Thanks

    BIG ups on your blog !

  6. Hey man, I’d like to know wheres the best place to go to in new york to pick up the Red/black/grey New Balance M1500’s that are releasing this spring

    Thanks in advance.

    • Those will probably not see daylight over here. Those are a exclusive overseas release and are limited. Other than that, David Z is the only place that really carries a good selection of NB’s including limited NB’s. I doubt they will get these though. They may be a couple of places here and there online in the US that may get a few, but I have no word yet of any.

  7. I recently purchased my first pair of Air Max 1’s (the premiums in all black with the crepe sole) and after wearing them for a couple of weeks, I’ve developed a full-fledged AM1 obsession. I’m looking to pick up another pair soon with the perfect color and material combo since the original pair is nice, but has a couple of flaws that I think could definitely be improved upon (ie. Tongue has significantly less padding than the iD’s on your site, canvas material has developed a strange and seemingly impossible to remove white discoloration in the area where the toebox creases, leather faded and scuffed way too quickly). Besides, one can never have too many pairs of sneakers. I love most of the iD Air Max’s I’ve found on your site, especially the “Mal Ojo” ones from your “My Nike iD’s on Foot” flickr album. I was wondering if you could tell me which options you selected on NikeiD for those so I could re-create that particular colorway. Also, are there any extra color/material options available at the NikeiD studio in NYC that aren’t offered online? If so, I might like to place an order through them since the options available online seem somewhat limited. Thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you soon!

    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for the compliments on my Nike iD’s. As far as the options for the Mal Ojo design, the color used on the back called Julep, is no longer available and neither is that tone of Grey. But, you can just pick the TECH GREY for the mudguard. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward to design.

      There are other options at the studio, but not a lot. Just a couple of more colors and materials. Like Boot leather and a Crepe Sole.

  8. Hi Angel,

    I’m wondering if you might do a review on the new J.Crew/Nike collaboration that landed this summer?

  9. Hey Vagrant

    Im matt and i JUST got into the running shoe game. I wanted to know where the best place for me to look for some Asic Gel Lyte III’s? It is pretty hard since i live in nor cal and dont know much yet.

  10. hey v, i need your opinion. should i pull the trigger on a $380 price tag on adidas eqt support solebox? what do you think, “that’s insane” or “after-market price, gotta deal with it” have you had any experience with it (if you own a pair)? thanks in advance, keep up the good work!

    P.S thanks for hanon asics wildcats update, trying my luck on 24kilates

    • Honestly, if you want them buy them. I personally don’t like them for a few reasons. Even if Solebox put them online, I would have passed on them. I think they are boring and have the same color-way as another EQT model. Most likely, their weakest link. Spend you money on other Solebox collabs. Price is probably going to stay there too because of how limited it was and you could only get them at Solebox retail store. Buy what you like,but $380 is a pass if you ask me.

  11. Any chance you might know the Nike Huarache Free 2012 collection release date? Or where to buy on the web(US.)?

    Checked my local Nike Store and no luck. I noticed they released over seas and only at a few US locations. But no luck on my end.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Vagrant,

    I was bored and made this for you do with it what you want.
    Copied the banner at the top and made a banner.

    Btw here in The Netherlands they released the Air Max 1 Aztec’s very nice shoes check them out. And i follow you for a long time now its nice to see your so good and work for people good job !

  13. Hello,
    On Nov. 18, 2011, I attempted to purchase the Asics Gel Lyte III “Leather Backs” but the transaction was declined, I believe it was because my billing address did not match the shipping address. Even though I was declined through your website, I was still charged for the shoes. What I would like to know is if my purchase actually went through and just haven’t received any tracking info for the shoes? Or if I was charged by mistake?

    Here is the transaction detail:

    Transaction Date: 11/18/2011
    Time of Authorization (ET): 11:07
    Merchant Name: KITH RETAIL LLC
    Merchant ID Number: 720000119147001
    Full Card Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX6661
    Device Used: Card
    Merchant Category: Specialty Retail stored
    Transaction Type: Debit Card
    Reference Number: 6697

    If possible, please contact me by phone: 831-706-8139


  14. Hello I’m Bagio and I’m starting a Magazine for Urban Culture,fashion and etc and I was thinking if I can get permission to use some of your photography for my magazine with full credit of course.

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