3 Years And Counting, Vagrant Sneaker


First off, Happy New Year to everyone out there that reads my blog and follows what I do. Hope you all had a great and unforgettable New Years Eve 2012. I sure did. Now that 2013 is here it’s time to move forward with another year at vagrantsneaker.com. It’s been over 3 years now that this blog has existed and you can expect many more to come. Though 2012 was a very slow year here with very few posts, that didn’t stop anyone from visiting the blog to see if there was any new content up. That only solidifies that the readers are interested in what I have to say…


Vagrant Sneaker was a project of mine that started with a simple post about sneakers I just bought. I wanted to share my findings and at the same time, provide original content by way of photographs; this was the first time that my Panasonic ZS5 point and shoot camera was used on the blog also. As the posts grew, I tried to share things that I liked and thought others would also find interesting. That’s where my love for runners and trainers began again. You wont find basketball shoes here or J’s. So if you are new here and expecting that, don’t hold your breath. The articles are opinion based, but at the same time facts are provided about the product or whatever it was I am writing about. As I tried to find my way with my blog and what I wanted to do with it ultimately, I started to take a huge interest in photography. Particularly, with creating photographs of sneakers on their own and on my feet (#onmyfeet). This is when my blog started to find its audience. Original content, with original photography.


Three and half years later, my blog has blossomed into something I am very proud of. This project that became my love and passion has now reached its goal. Recognition and credibility for providing information you wouldn’t find anywhere else. My followers are always looking forward to my next photos and what I have to say about the shoe or any rumors I make facts. That comes from the credibility and accuracy I’ve continued to bring them. Even more so now than ever because my photography has gotten better and my honest opinion has become stronger. There has to be someone out there saying the good and bad about a shoe release and not just copy and pasting what others are saying or just cloning a P.R. release. Please, give me a job so I can get paid to not put any effort or thought into a post (Nothing against the real writers. I know what its like).


Knowing that many brands and major blogs acknowledge my site and know of its existence is very important to me. It lets me know that I got their attention, and in many cases their respect for what I do. Especially when I see my photos on sites like Hypebeast getting more views then any other New Balance shoes posted. That’s very satisfying. When I see that, it poses many questions about my craft. What brand wouldn’t want me to showcase their shoes and present it in a natural and realistic way for fans to see and get excited about? It’s about showing the details in a manor that’s very different then what consumers are accustom too. Showing the essence of the product; “to ti ên einai”. This is something they don’t even do. No disrespect to them, but the quality of photos put out by some is bad. But, times are changing and I know my photos have opened up some people’s eyes. Even some brands and boutiques out there. Maybe it’s a bold statement to say, but when you see shoes arranged in a way that I’m knowing for, I think the statement gains some traction. Whether you like it or not, my influence is there and my photos are a perfect marketing tool.

2012 saw few posts on my blog. The culprit? My camera and Instagram. I have engulfed myself with my photography to the point where I ignored my blog. In sense of it all, it was done on purpose. I wanted to see if people would still come to the site whether I did a post or not, and you did; The numbers don’t lie from wordpress statistics. The biggest portion of my visitors come from the US, UK and Germany. So, big shout out to all of you constantly checking the site to see if something new was done. Expect me to be more active in 2013.

So what’s next for my blog and me? I will continue to do what everyone comes to expect from me, but better. There will also be new features on certain people in the industry I respect. The first to answer my call will be Woei of WOEI. Last year I broke the news on his collaboration and he respected what I had to say about the make-up. So expect a nice interview in the future. That, on top of other people I want to feature all pertaining to what this blog is about. My opinion on shoes, particularly collaborations, will be written in a brutally honest way. You’ll read about the good and bad. If I don’t like it, than I don’t like it. If I have problems with it, you’ll read about it. I don’t give a fuck what their opinion becomes of my blog or me after. If they can’t respect what I say moving forward, well, go dig a whole, sink your head in it so no one can see that I hurt your feelings. Again, it’s not about disrespecting anybody. So don’t get it twisted. It’s about what I believe in and what I stand for. If the collaborator gets offended, than maybe you should look in the mirror and question what it is you are doing. Fuck the hype, fuck the money and if you are in this game for that, then their priorities are fucked. Yes we all need money to pay the bills, but when the effort becomes solely that, it becomes a lost cause. While others are writing nothing but a positive or thoughtless post because they don’t want to offend anyone, I’ll be doing the reverse.


As most of you may know, I’m a big supporter of ‘Made in USA’ products. So it only makes sense that I’m a huge fan of New Balance and their USA line. They are the only brand still making shoes in the US and will continue to do so. It’s part of their heritage as a family owned business. Early last year I was approached by NB and asked if I would like to be featured in their “Excellent Makers” video series. I ecstatically obliged. The video is now done and ready for release. I do not have a release date yet, but I’ll of course keep you all posted. At the same time, I’ve been chatting with NB about photographing their products. Come to find out, they been fans of my work for some time now. So I’m very happy to announce that I will be shooting their Fall ’13 lifestyle line very soon. This comes at a very good time because New Balance had a monstrous 2012. The quality of products and collaborations released was bar-none. They did lack one thing though. Quality in their images for their lifestyle line of products. This is where I fit in. Quality products growing and getting better, presented my imagery also getting better on a daily basis. Match made in heaven. I look forward to providing the fans on both sides and consumers with top-notch photos. I have a lot of ideas and locations that I have been saving, in regards to this project. When you put two excellent makers together, it’s bound to create excellence.


I have so much more to say, but I’ll let the blog show you in due time. For now, thank you to everyone that supports this blog and what I do. Through out the year I will be giving away some things to celebrate “3 Years And Counting”. There will be some exclusive NB Pins, Posters, a Book, Shoes, etc. So stay tuned for the details on how you can grab those. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2013 and trying to buy another years worth of footwear.

To my family and personal friends who support my movement….Look at me now! Special “NOD” to my brother sQMunro for always showing support for what I do and all the photos walks we go on to get practice. My other brother JBenz for scouting locations with me last year in preparation for the New Balance shoots. A special shout out to my European friends, Mikee Polo, Roberto, Mylo, WOEI, CS Visuals and all those on Instagram and Facebook who take interest in what I do.

One last thing…

People have been asking me about making posters for years. Well, I will finally do something about it this year, among other things. ….and No More WordPress ADs ever. The only ads you will see will be by shops I support. That is if they care to support this blog. As of right now, my friends sivasdescalzo are the only one.

“Always Bringing It To You, Fresh Out The Box”

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“to ti ên einai”

Photo in the backgrounds provided by sQMunro and JBenz


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