camerasNsneakers: Puma R698 “Scuba Blue and Pink”

puma r698 scuba blue 3

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

annnndddd I’m back. Hope everyone is having a nice new year 2015 so far. I was sick for a couple of weeks with an overwhelming flu. In fact, new years eve and day was spent in bed shivering in sweat, a fever and cough. Feeling much better now thank god. Anyway, I know there’s a ton of new releases coming this month; more so then most Januarys in recent years. We have some sweet collaborations coming from Solebox, Footpatrol, Packers, SneakersNStuff, and BAIT (I’ll have my thoughts on them in the coming days). There are even some really nice general releases from most brands. If there was ever a time for forced empty wallets, it’s this month..,

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camerasNsneakers: Puma R698 OG ’93


 Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2014

One of my favorite general releases of 2014 is this Puma R698 Og ’93. For a shoe with some interesting details and paneling, it looks great covered up in this mostly black upper. I think it hides and at the same time, brings out the silhouette in a weird kinda way. Never really a fan of this model and never owning one, I have come to appreciate it after wearing them. But, it was this understated make-up in black, infrared, and nice material accents that drew my attention. However, there were a couple of other releases prior to this that were nice also; one was the tropical pack. I just missed out on them. If you don’t have these, my suggestion would be to grab a pair if you’re into this color scheme. Oh, and they are really comfy. Check out the uncropped photo and three others…

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Coming Soon: Puma Disc Swift Tech “Triple Black”

Puma Disc Swift Tech - Triple Black 6

Black is the new black. The love for the place where light is absent never seems to ever go away. There’s many reasons as to why people have a thing for the color that is not a color, but I will not go into that. Today, black is trending hard in fashion. In fact, it’s been for that last couple of years. To seize the moment many brands have been jumping on the bandwagon, so it’s no surprise to see Puma release two all black silhouettes. Silhouettes that have been updated with gothic-like paneling and outsoles. Introducing the Puma Disc Swift Tech “Triple Black”; this shoe is one from a double pack coming soon. Much can be said about the overall look and kind of ballsy move by Puma. It’s definitely a love or hate type of argument…

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Coming Soon: PUMA x KITH x Dover Street Market Trinomic XT2 “Achromatic” Collection


After a few hours of writing my first post and hoping to see better images of the shoes, voila, here they are. Not only do we get to see the shoes up close and personal, Ronnie Fieg hits us with a few more words about the shoe. Like I mentioned before, this shoe screams quality in black and white. Yeah, maybe nothing new here, but the way this silhouette is presented may be a bit above people’s exceptions and/or doubts. At least from what I see in these photos (My final judgment will always be up in the air until I see them in person or grab a pair). In fact, they look geared towards the lane of ‘luxury’ footwear; think Common Projects, Balenciaga, etc. So, anyone that find those appealing may just jump into either one of these pairs or both. Especially since we aren’t being asked to dish out $400-$650. At $180, these seem like a steal to me. In fact, this shoe isn’t just about Italian leather because that’s nothing to boast about. It’s about the presentation, care and details RF set to carry out. With added accents like the velvety pig leather for the liner and footbeds, and laces with metal-plated aglets, you can only think premium in the essence of the word. He even threw in both flat and round pairs of laces in lace bags. Finally, let us not forget the last piece of the puzzle. The shoes will come in a leather custom dust bag and custom fitted box. But, this is my opinion and yours will be gathered by viewing the rest of the photos. Good luck on Saturday!

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Release INFO: PUMA x KITH x Dover Street Market Trinomic XT2 “Achromatic” Collection

Puma Ronnie Fieg Dover Street Market 1

After some teaser and leaked images, we finally get a clean look at Ronnie Fieg’s next chapter with PUMA. On this third collaborative installment RF picked the Puma Trinomic XT2 to work with. Keeping up with current trends the make-ups are as simple, basic and classic as they get. Forget about hues, different leathers and materials. This is a straight forward shoe. Where basic may seem like something foreign when it comes to RF designs, let it be known that quality is what this product is about. With his motto of “Giving the consumer more than what they pay for”, Ronnie went a bit further with this make-up. Using the inspiration from the products that Dover Street Market carries and its reputation, RF created two all leather Trinomic XT2’s in a tint and shade..

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