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I was recently interviewed by Lester Jones for a new feature called “In Their Shoes” on I Dig Your Sole Man. It’s a series about people in the sneaker/fashion arena that are intriguing to him and will have a unique story to tell. I’m very humbled by the fact that I was chosen first to kick off the series. The interview had strong questions and they were answered as you would expect them to be. Humbling and honest. If you want to know a little more about how my passion came about, than enjoy the read…

From London straight over to the US – as IDYSM’s global start to the year gathers more momentum!
I get to meet some amazing people on the street through ‘I Dig Your Sole Man’, and as the site’s name and reputation is developing an ever-growing international following I’ve also been lucky to make contact with some fascinating people in far flung places relating to the sneaker game and contemporary fashion scene.
In this new series entitled In Their Shoes I’ll be interviewing people whose work in the sneaker/fashion game inspires and interests me, and has a unique story to tell, and I’m very proud to introduce Angel as the first in the series.
Angel and I seem to have a lot in common as a few years ago we both started passion projects that offer unique content relating to the sneaker game, and also fuse a love of photography with a love of kicks.  Angel is on the frontline of shooting product, and uses his incredible skills to showcase kicks as works of art in each and every shot.  He’s a super talented guy, and has worked hard to get his skills out there, and aside from being a great shooter he’s also a great interviewee so please read on to see more about his work, his world and a whole lot more.
IDYSM: Hey Angel, thanks for taking the time to talk to IDYSM.  So, first up, tell us about your work.
Angel: I run a popular blog that started in 2009 based out of New Jersey called that focuses on certain trainer models.
It allows me to have a voice that I can share with others, and it’s not just another blog that copies and pastes either, it has original content by way of photographs and writing in a manner thats not just off PR releases.  The writing is very honest and to the point with as much detail as I can give to help the reader best understand the product.
There’s also which was supposed to host my portfolio and other things related to my photography, but I have since put it on hold because the format that it’s in now is not what I want. So, I look to take other avenues this year and see what I can find that will be suitable to present my photos in a professional portfolio.
Read the rest of the interview at 
HUGE Thanks to Lester Jones for the opportunity. I had a blast answering the questions!

Interview: In Their Shoes – Angel aka Vagrant Sneaker

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