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And here they are. With the announcement of  ECP yesterday, some may have been wondering when the photos for the two major highlights of the collection were coming. I’m talking about the two ASICS inspired by team colors from Miami Beach and New York City. A sort of nod to hometown fans of each state, that will bring out the pride in all of them for the cities they love. Made from quality materials this ASICS ECP pack from Ronnie Fieg is one of his best efforts since his Salmon Toes. At least in my eyes. The simple idea behind these is what sets them apart from his past color-way creations he’s pumped out in the last two years. You’ll see staple accents that he’s known for and even spring forward a couple of new ones to step up the quality. One of those is the microperf nubuck on the “Miami Beach” make-up. Think of it as his signature pigskin perforated toe-box, but on nubuck. The other is implementing a sewn-in memory foam footbed for both pairs. If anyone has any shoes with memory foam, than you understand how much nicer the shoes feel when you walk in them. For those that never experienced memory foam, think Dr. Scholls. You can also expect both flat and round laces to be included, as well as matching pairs of invisible socks created by Stance exclusively for these shoes…

You can expect these to release this coming Thursday, May 2nd in very limited quantities at the Miami Beach pop-up shops. The week after, is where you’ll see them launch at Kith Manhattan and Kith Brooklyn on Friday, May 10th. This is also the same date for the online release at 11am. Either pair of your choice will retail for $145 or that’s $290 for both; Just in case you can’t do math, stupid. But wait……there’s a catch to this drop in New York City. KITH Manhattan will be host to the ‘New York City’ inspired color-way and KITH Brooklyn will host the ‘Miami Beach’ CW. Did your feelings just get hurt? That’s ok. I’m sure some of you will figure it out. Like pay someone to go get you a pair in Brooklyn, while you get the other in Manhattan. Cracked-out fiends. One good part is that both CW’s will be available online at 11am EST. So get ready with both computers on, your cell phone, your girl’s cellphone, invite your boy over to use his iPad, etc. Anyway, there you have the details for these two clean and good-looking shoes. Good luck to all, including myself on grabbing the NYC pair.


Hate all you want. I’ve seen loads of negative comments on other blogs. It boggles me how much hate there can be for one man living his dreams. This is where I’ll assume you just don’t get it and be right about that. Because If you did, you would rule the world. Not. Stay on the other side of the keyboard and keep hitting what you know best. The alphabet.

Kith Pop-Up “New York”
1629 Jefferson Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Kith Pop-Up “Miami”
1627 Jefferson Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg “New York City” & “Miami Beach”

4 thoughts on “Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg “New York City” & “Miami Beach”

  1. I’m assuming you’re going for both pairs but which one do you prefer? I initially liked the Dolphins better, but after seeing the Knicks in greater detail, the materials look much better. The colorblocking is a little too reminiscent of the Hanon Wildcats, but I’ll let that slide. These kinds of bright summery colorways are what I think RF is best at and he should keep it up over the next few months. Looking forward to this release.

    • I’m not going for both pairs. It’s all about the NYC ASICS for me. I prefer those materials and color blocking over the Miami pair. It just looks better. I was going to mention the “Wildcats” color-blocking in the post, but I’ll speak about it if I grab a pair. It’s one of the reasons I like because that pop of blue off the orange looks so damn good. Especially with the 3M Tiger stripes. Good luck Chris. I’ll be fighting with you online.

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