vagrant sneaker for new balance

Back in February, I announced that I was working on a photo campaign for New Balance. The project consists of 30 shoes from multiple collections for Fall 2013. I’m thrilled to announce that they are done and have been sent to New Balance for release. You can expect the photos to start popping up something in July from what I was last told. For those asking about the New Balance Excellent Makers video featuring yours truly, that should be out around the same time as the photos. I look forward to hearing feedback, negative and positive, on what you see and hope you enjoy the photos as much as you will enjoy the shoes themselves. to ti ên einai

NO. I’m not gonna sneak any photos in the post. 


Vagrant Sneaker For New Balance Fall 2013

One thought on “Vagrant Sneaker For New Balance Fall 2013

  1. Congrats man, can’t wait to see the pics…you mentioned a while back a new custom id model would be introduced on the new balance website, whatever happened to that?

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