New Beginnings


Quite a few months back I said I would be back, but that didn’t happen. I don’t know where to even start , but know that Im in the process of moving this blog to my portfolio site. Basically, when you type in it will direct you to my portfolio site instead of here. This blog will be defaulted back to the original URL The reason for the lay off of all things sneaker and photography stuff? My lower back. For a couple of years now I’ve had the grueling pleasure of dealing with a pinched nerve and sciatica on my left leg. Not the best of times I tell you.

I decided to put my camera down and focus on my health. Entirely. For my age and height, I was over weight (230+lbs and suppose to be at 180lbs). I noticed, but didn’t take it serious because photography was all I cared about; I also think my weight and posture while sitting at my workstation attributed to the pinched nerve. After seeing a doctor and the x-rays I realized how serious it was. But, surgery wasn’t an option for me. Not because it isn’t, but more so of the idea that its a 50/50 chance for full recovery. It either works or it doesn’t and could give me a limp, not allow me to bend my body to a certain degree, etc. I wasn’t about to chance that. So, after some research and a 4th opinion from another doctor, I decided a diet and exercise would be the best hope for recovery. After going on a diet called Isagenix (lost 30+ pounds), exercising, spending about $5,500 on a bed, pillows and a chair, my back feels much better now.

Now that I feel great and don’t have sciatica anymore, Im ready to get back to doing what I miss and love. Creating photographs. Not only that, but there are a couple of other projects I have decided to do. One is to finally offer high quality prints of my work, a book on my images and some T-shirts with help from my homie at Bitmap’d; The tees will be based on a hashtag I use.

I hope you stay tuned for all of this which will take some time and effort to get done. In the meantime, you can follow me on either or both of my Instagram accounts to stay up to date on my latest content,

Vagrant Sneaker – All Sneaker Photography 

Angel VS Gonzalez – All My Other Photography

Also, below are are few of my current images that I produced. They were done extremely fast and are not fully finessed (just in case you see some faults in them). I just wanted to post some quick images to let people know Im back at it again. You can also hear a current interview I did for Stoops2Stages anniversary show that just went live. I talk about all of this in there and some other shit. Enjoy!


One Love,


DSC_1606-EditDSC_1613-Edit-EditRf x Colette Puma Disc-2DSC_1557-EditDSC_1581-Edit


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