Feeling rather chilly right now as I write this post. That’s because my trek to the Arctic to check out the Husky by END. had me running back to my igloo for some warmth. It was a beautiful sight to see, so I had to come back and share my experience. END’s Husky looked young and vibrant. It had a double coat of suede through out it’s upper body looking very lush. Two details that stood out while I was petting the ‘Husky’ were it’s pale blue eyes accented on the laces eyelets and parts of the outsole. The other was the Huskys tongue constantly sticking out. You can notice the color of it on the ankle liner, tongue and parts of the outsole. It’s definitely an interesting creature to look at and well worth the trip. Unfortunately, only a few will be able to get their chance at a look…


The END. x Reebok Ventilator comes with two pairs of laces, a limited edition dual-branded frosted Perspex presentation box, and branded ‘Husky’ swing tag. The in-store release will be taking place on June 4 at END., and online availability begins on June 6. Good look, and enjoy the rest of the detailed images. Stay tuned for an exclusive look and don’t forget to star rate it at the top of the post.










Release INFO: Reebok x END Ventilator “Husky”

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