It’s been 3 years since WOEI’s ASICS “Cervidae” took the sneaker industry by storm. It made many exhausted and desperate in search of water to clear their thirst of something they wanted to own, but some couldn’t find. That’s what the European Thundra will do to you. With help from the beaming sun on your body and the reflection of the heat from the dry sand, your heart races to find some cover. Tired and parched, you go into the bushes for some shade with photos in hand that give hints into it’s location. You rest a bit before you look for the “Cervidae ll” again, because you know somewhere hidden deep within this bare land is the special prize. As you look at this photo and analyze it, you see it’s details and baffling resemblance to the original one. At the same time, you also see the shoe placed in different locations…


In the shade you catch your breathe and take another look to see that something is quite different. On closer inspection of the second photo you can view that the same original color palette to the ‘Cervidae’ is present. Though it remains the same to some aspects, you’ll notice some new details. Dressed like it’s brother it retains the iconic zig zag stitching to the toe box. A detail that made the OG stand out. Continuing with the toe box you can see that it now comes perforated. An accent the original had in sample form, but was ultimately scrapped to see another day. Lifting your eyes towards the laces you’ll come across 8 metal d-rings and two corrospoding eyelets. A little different then the hooks found on the OG Cervidae. Looking under the round laces lays the bed of a perforated suede tongue. Working your way to the heel cap you’ll notice details of embossed words and a symbol in the form of antlers with the ‘ll’ in center. The rest of the materials look familiar, but only because of what you know through friends and photos.


Finally rested, you begin to search again through the heatwave and greenhouse effect from the landscape of the harsh European Thundra in hopes of completing this journey…

The Onitsuka Tiger x WOEI Colorado 85 “Cervidae ll” is scheduled for a June 13th release at WOEI’s store in Rotterdam (Europe). The first 100 customers will walk away with a special packaging consisting of a long sleeve shirt, Cervidae Pin, and custom made socks. Thereafter, we’ll see a Global release on June 20th to select friends and family partners. *No details yet wether they will have an online release after the WOEI store launch.

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asics woei gliii cervidae

The Original ASICS x WOEI GLlll “Cervidae”

Grail Status


Release INFO: Onitsuka Tiger x WOEI Colorado 85 “Cervidae ll”

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