puma r698 scuba blue 3

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

annnndddd I’m back. Hope everyone is having a nice new year 2015 so far. I was sick for a couple of weeks with an overwhelming flu. In fact, new years eve and day was spent in bed shivering in sweat, a fever and cough. Feeling much better now thank god. Anyway, I know there’s a ton of new releases coming this month; more so then most Januarys in recent years. We have some sweet collaborations coming from Solebox, Footpatrol, Packers, SneakersNStuff, and BAIT (I’ll have my thoughts on them in the coming days). There are even some really nice general releases from most brands. If there was ever a time for forced empty wallets, it’s this month..,

puma r698 scuba blue 4

A few days ago, I finally took the camera for my first #onmyfeet photos of these nice Puma R698 I picked up online for $35 (they have since gone up to $59 at puma.com). They are perfect beaters that have a colorway that stand out in the park with the dry leaves, dirt and trees. I’m also working on getting a new template for the blog, so bare with me if you see some strange shit going on. It’s tuff trying to get something that will fit what I like. Most importantly, something that will allow for bigger photos and be streamlined for both computer and mobile devices. I want something that will look good on both.

One new thing I’ve been wanting to add to my blog was interviews with certain people. It will not just be limited to sneaker photographers either. Since I’ve been engulfed in photography, my blog has now become my stepchild. I want to find other exclusive and real content related to photos and video. It will be about people/artists I find interesting, unique and can say something of value to you, the reader. The other big thing I’ll  do is talk about how I do some of my shoots and the equipment I use to take my sneaker photos. I’m not going to go into every detail of my techniques, but I’ll try to provide a basis for sneaker photography. I know my work has influenced a lot of photogs out there. Including boutique and some brands photogs. That may be a bold statement, but when I create an idea and translate it into a photograph, than see it a few weeks later being done by a brand or store photog, it’s all smiles on my face. Coincidence? To some degree, but not much. In any case, thanks to all the readers that have stuck around. Even when there was no new content for weeks. It’s gonna be another crazy year in footwear. I hope I can add some value with my words to those that want to read them and I look forward to sharing more of my work this year. Enjoy the rest of the photos and you can find me on Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook (<- Go like the page), VSCO and you can view my professional work at my Square Space portfolio site.

Vagrant Sneaker’s Fashion:

Sneakers | Puma R698 – Style #357837 01  Color – Scuba Blue-Pink

Denim | Edwin ED-88 Super Slim CS Carbon Black 10oz

puma r698 scuba blue 6

puma r698 scuba blue 7

puma r698 scuba blue 8


Note: All photographs in this feature may not be distributed, transmitted, cached, reproduced or otherwise used, except with the proper regulations cited here.


camerasNsneakers: Puma R698 “Scuba Blue and Pink”

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