Teased a week ago, Overkill is back at it again with KangaROOS. Last year they came out with their collaboration with KangaROOS on the Coil-R1 “Abyss“. It was a very successful launch for the shoe. Too successful that people like myself up through the night, waiting for the online release, were disappointed when it never made it to the site. Hey, shit happens. Yesterday Overkill announced this version of the Abyss’s colorway in an anniversary edition. It’s basically a flip of that CW. They took the turquoise highlights and dressed up most of the shoes upper. The navy is now the ankle liner and the black on the KangaROOS logo is reversed; kangaroo turquoise and logo outline black. The only missing accent is the black outsole on the Abyss, which is now turquoise on the Abyss Flip…



It’s good to see KangaROOS back in the market with this silhouette and a shop like Overkill embracing the brand again. They did a great job with the first one by keeping it simple, clean and made up of nice details and materials. The better part of this drop is the fact that it was hand made in Germany to only 50 pairs. This can only mean one thing to the story. It’s about the quality and quality control this pair went through (You can read more about it here). With that said, one thing you’ll notice right away is how much nicer the overall shape of the shoe is when compared to the original Abyss. It just looks awesome in my book and of course, the colorway is just as nice as the first.

I know a lot of people out there could care less about this shoe and KangaROOS. Because of the personal history I’ve had with the brand growing up, it puts a smile on my face. As I write I get memories of using the pockets to store my change. Even when people made jokes about the shoe, I still wore them. Sometimes when you grow up in a household with limited funds you have no choice, but to like what you were given. In the end, it made me appreciate the brand for what it was back then and what it’s trying to do today. Well done Overkill. Well done KangaROOS.


Now, if you’ re interested in a pair you will not have to wait too long but, if you are not in Germany you are assed out. That’s going to be the only way to get them this coming Saturday, November 1st at Overkill shop in Germany.

What do you think about them? Rate it by clicking on the STAR voting system above the post.





Release INFO: KangaROOS x Overkill Coil-R1 “Abyss Flip”

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