Sneakers N Stuff is back with a nice surprise. The brothers have come up with a SMU for the Autumn weather. They teamed up with adidas Originals on a Tech Super made up mostly of navy Cordura; one of the most durable synthetic materials. It’s a perfect compliment for the coming cold and wet weather in the days ahead. Other ingredients include khaki leather, reflective accents and PrimaLoft to keep you dry and warm. The last accent accent are the dual colored navy and grey laces. Something I would normally not care for, but they actually work really well here. It adds a nice pop to the front of the shoe that does the make-up even more justice. A make-up, exclusive to SNS…

Catering to the story of Autumn weather, SNS did a great job with this make-up. Nothing new, because they’ve done this with their current and past collaborations. For me, they are one of the better artisans when it comes to developing and telling stories with shoes. They actually take the time to include materials, even premium synthetics, that fit the weather when they are released. It always doesn’t have to be about premiums suedes and leathers, because you can’t wear that shit in the rain or snow. So, It’s ok to buy synthetic shoes, because they work for different situations. Again, SNS always thinking outside the box and providing the fans with something that’s functinal and not just another sneaker release, just because. Well done SNS, well done.

You can grab your pair this coming 25th of October in their stores in Stockholm, Malmö and London. Of course, there will be an online release. Also, I gather that the shoe will be exclusive to their stores and may not actually see release elsewhere. I’m assuming this because of the video. Check it for yourself, but if the case, these will be hard to come by. Good luck!

Check your times conversion;

Stockholm – 12.00 CET
Malmö – 12.00 CET
London – 10.30 WET
Online – 13.00 CET (eastern 7:00am)

What do you think about them? Rate it by clicking on the STAR voting system above the post.


Release INFO: adidas x Sneakersnstuff Tech Super ”Autumn Stories”

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