ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte V Rose Gold & Sage

The next release of endless releases from Ronnie Fieg with ASICS is here. It comes as a double launch with one that is a re-hash from one of his previous shoes and another that looks like he got the idea from the wet ASICS Gel Lyte lll “Cove”. First up is the Gel Lyte V “Rose Gold” colorway that mimics his GTll; you can read my breakdown of the two shoes here. Aside from the differences I wrote about, there is nothing really here to be excited about; other than missing out on it the first time around. Personally, I prefer the GTll. My biggest complaint would be with the hue of this release. It doesn’t match the OG at all. It looks dull here and a bit more orange. This was also an issue with the recent Gel Lyte V “Mint Leaf” and “Cove” releases which were a bit off when compared to the OG make-ups. The other issue is the abundance of that blue hue. There’s just too much of it here. So if you have the GTll “Rose Gold”, you still winning. Again, this release feels like it was meant for the people that missed out on the first one. I’m good with the OG, thank you….

Next is the new colorway he pushed out dubbed “Sage”. It’s a really nice combination of blue hues with some white to balance those colors out. He even added some skin toned hue accent to the tongue and to the front of the out-sole for a little pop of color. Where this shoe shines is in the material department. Yes, I can talk materials all day about RF’s releases and it’s no surprise, but that’s one of the major reasons I’m a fan of his shoes. No one, and I mean NO ONE can claim this more so than Ronnie Fieg. At least when it comes to price point and what he has accomplished in this market with sneakers. With that said, this make-up has a load of materials. To be exact, there are 10. There’s pigskin suede, microperforated suede, scratched leather, honey comb-like mesh ankle liner, 3M, safari-like leather for the tiger stripes, etc. All done fashionably nice and it’s definitely the best of the two. But, I can’t buy into myself because it reminds me of a tonal version of the classic “Cove” colorway. As a fan who has been buying his product when no one cared, and it was only 5 of us lining up at David Z, it brings nothing new to the table. Easy pass for me.

To date, I believe the “Volcano” is his best release in years (ECP was his other double banger from 2013). When you set your own standard, it’s hard to beat and I don’t think he did it with either pair on display here. I’m sure the resellers are choking on their own saliva though. They’re probably more excited about this double release than the fans themselves. Fucking wankers. Anyway, if you’re interested and didn’t score a ticket for the in-store release, you ‘ll be able to grab them online as usual. Both pairs will retail for $170.00 each, respectfully, at  KITHNYC. Good luck to all the fans that want these pairs. Sage FTW!

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Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte V “Rose Gold” & “Sage”

3 thoughts on “Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte V “Rose Gold” & “Sage”

  1. Honestly more of the same with both of these releases. I’m surprised he’s out with another tonal blue/teal Gel Lyte V so soon after the Mint/Cove release. You have to hand it to the guy for finding the right formula for success and capitalizing on it, but these ASICS collabs have become so similar there’s no telling them apart.

    The pink ones would be much improved if they had no association with the Rose Gold name, had flat white laces in the photos and lost those horrid blue accents, which look like a complete after thought.

    I’d like to see him work with different brands. The ASICS thing feels like it’s run its course for a while.

    • I completely agree with you.These two seem redundant. I don’t get the whole re-release of the Mint Leaf, Cove, and Rose Gold. Whats the purpose? It doesn’t make sense. He should have released them for an anniversary instead. Maybe even release the same models instead of using the GLV and messing up the hues. Again, this is all about the hype train. The crazy part is that he’s ruining his own releases; Cove, Mint Leaf and Rose Gold. I don’t get it. There’s no reason to constantly release all these ASICS. He’s not gaining anything from it other then the money at this point. The only one I look forward too is the Mossad release. I would love to get my hands on that GLlll. Lets see what model he colored-up from that adidas collab.

      • I was actually excited to get a pair of the Coves because I missed out on the GL III release back in the day. I’m just a fan of the color/materials and have never owned a GL V so I figured it was a good excuse. That said, they do take something away from the original releases. He’s made a big fuss about never re-releasing shoes in the past. I think it’s stupid because I buy shoes for me, so the fact that they’re limited or not means nothing. That said, most of the stuff he’s putting out these days screams of “I’ve run out of ideas – buy it because my name is on it”. Case in point – that black and white Puma release.

        I think KITH’s price point and materials are still above the competition, but I feel like he’s following in the likes of Staple, Supreme, etc. in marketing his brand to teenagers of the suburban upper middle class. Kids with parents who have lots of money to spend on their clothes. From a business perspective it makes perfect sense, but from a design/product perspective, it dilutes and cheapens the brand’s identity. If you look back in the last 12 months, he’s not really had any really, really good releases. The ECP (like you said) was probably his last big stand out.

        The Mossads would be a cool release if they happened. I’d also love to see a Salmon Toe re-release (maybe for the KITH 5-year anniversary). That’ll never happen. He and everyone else knows that’s his best work and everything since has merely been trying to recapture some of that. I’m interested to see what he’s got lined up for the holidays – NB and Adidas collabs could be interesting.

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