new york 2

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2014

 It was a rainy day today and on my way to pick up a Nike iD and NB574 Custom that had some custom work done to them, I decided to bring the camera along. For some reason, my idea of trying to capture the rainy day with some interesting shots, kinda failed on me. I couldn’t create any photos I liked. It was one of those off days you have where you can’t get shit right. With that said, I’ll share a few of the decent ones I created today. Enjoy…

nike air trainer 1 draft day

Today’s footwear choice for the photo-walk was the Nike Air Trainer 1 Draft Day. An underrated make-up that includes premium ostrich leather accents.

Note: All photographs in this feature may not be distributed, transmitted, cached, reproduced or otherwise used, except with the proper regulations cited here.


Through The Viewfinder: Rainy Spring Day

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