Burger time! No, not the video game, but the wearable and tasty shoe collaboration from END. A few days ago you received one sneak peek photo of the make-up. Today you are presented with 4 new images showcasing the silhouette of this Saucony Shadow 5000 (Two of those are exclusive to this post). In full view you can now see how the ‘Burger’ theme was designed into the layers of the shoe. Using premium materials from a perforated nubuck with suede leathers, END went to work with the inspiration and created something full of novelty. They even included a gum out-sole. Yeah, that accent FTW. What you don’t see here is the box that comes with extra laces sealed in condiment type packets and the tissue paper made from the table cloth above in the photo.


Who doesn’t love a good burger?  It’s refreshing to see something worth looking at this year. Especially in one where there are quite a few unimaginative and lazy shoe collaborations. For me, it stands out above them all because of the execution and presentation END laid out. Hey, it may not be for everyone, but at least all those spectating get too see something amusing in their own manner. It’s different, fun and familiar to us at the same time.

Come May 1st, END Clothing will be hosting a launch party at their store in the UK from 6pm until ??? Those salivating at the juiciness of this special UK bespoke burger and not able to make it to the party, can hold on until May 3rd for the very limited online release. In the meantime, check out the exclusive photos below and stay tuned for more photographs you will only see here.

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saucony end shadow 5000 burger

saucony end shadow 5000 burger 2

Note:  Photographs 3 and 4 in this feature may not be distributed, transmitted, cached, reproduced or otherwise used, except with the proper regulations cited here.


Release INFO: Saucony x End Shadow 5000 “Burger”

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