saucony end shadow 5000

I’ve always been a fan for telling stories with shoes. Something that’s been happening more often now and something that was more of a ‘Special Edition’ back in the day with footwear collaborations. Some have been terribly executed, boring, funny, weird, and very few were damn good and/or original. With that said and with very little of the shoe revealed here, this sneak peek into the End. Saucony Shadow 5000 “Burger” put a smile on my face. It was sparked by the simple idea of using a popular food to create a colorway. Though it’s only a glimpse of the shoe, you can already see how well the burger CW has been executed into the panels and layers that make up the silhouette…

Here’s a bit more into END.‘s idea.

Over the past couple of years new gourmet burger joints have been popping up all over the world, using high quality ingredients such as flakes of gold, foie gras and truffles as toppings to the burgers. Even Michelin starred chefs are getting in on the action. Taking on this inspiration and pairing it with our own love of a good burger, we have teamed with Saucony for the Shadow 5000 ‘Burger’.

Stay tuned for more photos and information in the coming days. It’s about time we see an interesting and fun shoe collaboration this year.


Sneek Peek: Saucony x End Shadow 5000 “Burger”

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