UPDATE: There is another version of the Roshe Run iD in suede. The bad part, its missing a color and they don’t let you mix mesh with suede. Would have been kool to have a suede overlay and a mesh toe. Bummer. Thats a big let down for me. Thanks to React149 for the update.

After some months of speculation in the rumor mill that the Nike Roshe Run would be available as a Nike iD, the rumor becomes a reality. Set forth for Spring/Summer ’13 the iD comes in a nice array of colors. Choose from Gym Red, Fusion Red, Volt, Hyper Blue, Arctic Green, Legion Green, Atomic Pink, Violet Frost, Grand Purple, Squadron Blue, Light Blue, Sail White, Neutral Grey, and Black. Five of those hues are applicable to the mid-sole and all are available as laces with the free option to pick a second pair. The best part, all the pigmentations can be administered to any part of the shoe’s upper. But, most important, Nike left the shoe as is. No frills. Just good Ol’ Roshe Run. Exactly how the fans like it…


The popularity of the Nike Roshe Run caught everyone off guard. The sell-out and hype over this simple shoe has gone way beyond anyone’s expectations. Even when kids line up for a mistaken make-up, they just don’t care. They want their Roshe Run. So, why not feed the sheep by taking it a step further. Add it to Nike iD for anyone to customize. Don’t worry about the sell outs anymore. Make your own, wait a few weeks and you’ ll have your very own 1 of 1 for $110. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey compared to the $70 retail, but you’re better off here than paying reseller prices for a general release color-way.


As someone who has bought his share of Nike iD’s, I wouldn’t sleep on this palette. If you are not inspired by the colors, find inspiration somewhere. I say this because we don’t know what Nike will do with the Roshe down the line. Every time they get a shoe up that is popular, it goes through phases. I saw these phases with the Nike AM1 with 4 seasons of ordering that came to a halt. The iD was going in different directions I personally didn’t like and the color choices and materials went in a downward spiral. As well as the shape (not that it was great to begin with) and overall quality of the product. So, based on that, I would order one of these in this state because you never know what will happen to this silhouette in the future. Maybe it will all be good. Like adding options for suede, 3M accents, leather, winter mesh, etc. I just don’t want to personally be caught out there when and if ever, shit hits the fan and this shoe goes in a bad direction with crazy options that may not fit the product. Like pony hair on the upper. Let’s hope for the best though because really, how can you fuck up this silhouette right?

If you’re excited as I am or just curious, you can go check it out and order your very own Nike Roshe Run iD now. I did and I’m looking forward to sharing my findings when they arrive. Happy designing!

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Available: Nike Roshe Run iD

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