Nike Roshe Run FB 16 (1)

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

The Nike Roshe Run is my new favorite model by Nike in recent years. It’s right up there next to another model I really like, the Inneva. Both released last year in 2012, but honestly, I think the Roshe is better for many reasons, but I will not go into that in this post. The hype alone should let you know how cracked out people really are for them. Even re-released colors of the sport red, black and iguana sold out when people saw them around in stores. Who would have thought? A very basic and simple silhouette made up of mesh and a large ‘Phylon’ foam piece selling out around the world instantly in certain color combos. So what happens when Nike releases a make-up that ghostly resembles the Nike Air Yeezy? You get kids cracked out, missing out on school and lining up at Nike’s very own 21 Mercer to a cruel April Fools joke and one that had me rolling with laughter when someone put me on to the photo….

Nike Roshe Run FB 1

Honestly, I don’t know if it was a joke, but 21 Mercer did say that the shoe would release at a further date because apparently the kids rushed the door and cops had to be called. Now, lets get to the kicker. The shoe is not inspired by the Air Yeezy. Though the black, pink, grey, fake non-glow out-sole, and detailed side panel would speak different upon first glance. But, if you notice the shoe has an FB in the title. That stands for Fútbol as in soccer. Further proof is this image of three Nike FC247 soccer shoes. All three of those color-ways were mimicked and are out and about in Roshe Run form. Here’s the one color-way in particular that resembles this Roshe. Notice the mint and detailed swoosh? Aprils fools for real on all you kids out there on line. Hyping up a product that’s not what it is. Tsk, Tsk, but thanks to Kevkashhh for capturing the photo and making my day a lot brighter with it.

There’s something I wanted to point out. The mesh on this pair is different compared to the OG. I don’t know if this is the cause of the new fit which is similar to the terrible woven roshe. The length is the same, but the fit a bit tight and snug. Going up half a size is not gonna make a difference. Either wear no socks or put really thin ones on.

These have trickled out to some stores as of last week and online at places like Nike, Footlocker, Footaction, etc. Stores like West 147 released them this past Saturday to a $20 raised box price of $70 to $90 (I’ll never understand this and why Nike allows stores to do this. Why not just raise everything you sale that is hot $20 more?). There should be others getting them this week so pay attention to your local store’s IG account, twitter, facebook, etc. Good luck!

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Nike Roshe Run FB 2

Nike Roshe Run FB 3 (1)

Nike Roshe Run FB 4 (1)

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Available: Nike Roshe Run FB Yeezy (Fútbol)

7 thoughts on “Available: Nike Roshe Run FB Yeezy (Fútbol)

  1. LoL… I realize Nike is going to tow the line that they’re “not” Yeezy “inspired” but we’d all be lying to ourselves to say that the marketing/appeal didn’t clearly cross their mind! If you look at the shoe… it bites the Yeezy enough to become instantly hyped. Nike KNOWS it too…

    • Absolutely. It’s a cruel joke on the Nike designer behind this make-up. Anyone can mistake it for the hype that it is. If you told someone that it wasn’t Yeezy inspired, you’d have to break a leg to prove. Lol

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