Coming Soon- Clarks x Hanon “Traxter Ventile1

As we get close to Hanon’s Clark Traxter Ventile launch, a nice video presentation of the shoe is released. The shoe is worn and walked around in an abandoned house and ends up near a lake as the story comes to an end. You’ll also view hints throughout the video that guide interpretation of what the shoe essence is. We definitely need more footwear videos from other brands like this. I find that it adds a nice substance to the shoe you cant possibly find in photos. Kudos to Hanon for always being ahead of the game and really helping us understand their creations to its fullest. Enjoy!…

[vimeo width=960 height=540]

Hanon’s Clark Traxter Ventile releases this coming Saturday, March 16th at Hanon.


Video: Clarks x Hanon “Traxter Ventile”

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