Since 1835, British shoe maker Clarks has been around and about. Well, pretty much more than that. Everyone recognizes their signature crepe soles and how Ghostface Killah is their unofficial poster boy for their Walabee model. Times are turning though in the house that Cyrus and James Clark built. This Spring/Summer 2013 Clarks will officially enter the sportswear market with a few models, retooled, to catch up with the ever growing street-wear market. One of those silhouettes is inspired by their Desert Trek boot released back in the early 1870’s with the recognizable center seam. To tell this new story, Clarks Sportswear teams up with with none other than Hanon. A new vision and a new way to keep your feet as dry as World War ll pilot suits


With this collaboration, Hanon reinterprets Clarks Traxter Mid into a modern wearable, clean cut and fully water resistant boot. In order to add the resistance to water, Ventile was used for a second time by Hanon. Originally utilized on their NB670, they revisit the fabric for this new make-up and immerse the silhouette with it from toe to heel. The material basically has a uniques property that, when water comes in contact with it, expands to give off a shield of protection from the elements. Hanon also implemented a gasket type sock liner combined with a ortholite memory footbed and a sheep skin top layer. Sheesh! Talk about quality top tier materials. Other accents include a one piece EVA sole unit, leather hangtags, and collaborative branding on the heel, tongue, footbed and a dual lace set.

It seems like Hanon has no intentions of taking a break from any collaborative efforts for 2013. With solid and successful releases already this year by way of their Aberdeen Granite and Shadow Master, Hanon decides to move away from the sneaker market to be part of something new. Something people will be silently watching as the new Clarks Sportswear division dives into the streetwear market. What better way to introduce themselves to new consumers and bring something different to the current fans. With Hanon at the helm, they’ve no doubt have created a unique silhouette. One built from a strong story of heritage, brought forward to be part of our modern times. It may not be for everyone, but than those are the people this story was not written for.

The Clarks x Hanon Traxter Ventile will see release this week, March 16th 2013 in-store at Hanon and online. Good luck to all!

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Coming Soon: Clarks x Hanon “Traxter Ventile”

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