1 sopra-e-sotto sm

Slam Jam is back with another collaboration with ASICS for their sophomore act. Their original pair was an interesting one which had a nice accent of color bleeding onto the midsole and it included a pair of matching socks. A nice make-up that I originally was not found of, but eventually ended up liking more and more in the end. With their second act the word liking, is far too fetched to even try to include in this write-up. As I sit here looking at these photos all that comes to mind is, “What were they thinking?”. Lemon and lime is great in certain drinks and even on meat and fish. But what happens when you take those two colors onto a pair of shoes? The result is just something not for everyone in the full sense of that phrase. This is only for the fans of Slam Jam and some people who like walking down the street showing people how much they love lemons and limes…

2 laterale sm

The full synthetic Gel Lyte lll from Slam Jam comes with tonal laces and a pair of matching socks with the in-store release at Slam Jam. You can also buy a can of Sprite to add even more swag to the outfit you will wear with these things. That lemony look carries more swag than the word itself. Trust me. If interested, these ASICS will release at Hanon, Solebox, End Clothing, etc tomorrow (26th). They also still have pairs available at Slam Jam via private order if you really want them. Note that this is a European release at the moment. No word if the shoes will make it to the US, but if they do and I see someone in them, I’ll buy you a can of Sprite. For real, just ask me. All jokes aside, to each his and her own. This shoe will find homes around the world. Good luck to all and enjoy. Peace and “Obey Your Thirst”.

3 mediale sm

5 dettaglio-lacci sm

4 composit3 sm


Release Reminder: ASICS x Slam Jam GLlll “Slam Jam 2.0”

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