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Ronnie Fieg always closes the year with a big bang release. Last year it was his Mazarine Blue Saga and for 2012 he drops an all indigo red selvedge denim ASICS GLlll. The shoes makeup is a bit different from what we are used to seeing from him, so for me, it’s a bit refreshing. Steering away from the usual pigskin suede and a perf toe-box, the shoe only displays some leather on the Tiger Stripes and his now popular rope laces. The color-way mimics indigo red selvedge denim by making the underlining accent on the Tiger Stripes red, accompanied by red heel embroidery and the ASICS logo on the midsole.  The shoe stays pretty basic and straight forward, but at the same time, that simplicity is what makes this his best ASICS release of the year hands down…


To accompany this release there will be a collaborative crew-neck sweater between KITH x BWGH (drop 1 of 2). The piece looks pretty top notch in the material department and the color-way is a perfect match for this shoe. There is of course one thing that bothers me a bit. The ‘Just Us’ motto dead center makes the garment looks like it should be worn by the employees at KITH. If not for that, I would be all over this sweater on launch day also.


As I look back at all of Ronnie Fieg’s releases from this year and 2011, I can only see a couple that can compete with this strong make-up and/or release. When it comes to leaving a mark behind in the ending year of 2012, you have to create something special for the fans to googly eye over. At the same time, have them reminisce on how it slipped out of their hands. I can honestly say that this that one. So, be prepared to type as fast as you can to get them orders in on one of RF’s best ASICS drop in the past two years.

NOTE: I can say the above because I have actually seen the sample shoe in 2011 and felt the quality of materials. For those worried about the toe box wrinkling up quick, it’s actually very soft and not as hard as you may think.

The sweater will be $120 and  the shoe is priced at $145. Both items will be available in limited quantities in-store at both KITH locations and of course, online at The drop date? This Friday, December 14th, 2012 starting at 11am EST.


What do you think about them? On your feet or Not? by clicking on the STAR voting system above the post.

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Release Reminder: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GLlll “Selvedge”

2 thoughts on “Release Reminder: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GLlll “Selvedge”

  1. I’m not sold on these and decided to skip the release entirely. The immediate turn off is that I’m not a fan of denim shoes. That kind of eliminates these from my radar. I appreciate that he’s opted to work with a new material this time around, however they’re boring. I’m not particularly sure it’s this shoe’s fault though. I think it’s let down by its predecessors in 2012. Think about all the blue and red shoes that have come out of KITH this year. They’re practically the only colors Ronnie has chosen to work with and I think the release of these and of the Total Eclipse was bad timing. They’re no doubt both winter shoes and had the Eclipses been released early in the year, it would’ve made these seem more interesting.

    In 2013 I hope to see some of that Salmon Sole/Mint Leaf magic again. There’s been just a few RF releases in 2013 that have really stood out to me and a big part of that has been the lack of originality in the color schemes. I’d like to possibly see him work with some completely different colors in 2013, maybe some purples, oranges or earth tones.

    His releases have felt like big events in the past, the last few have almost gone under the radar. I’m not sure if it’s the shoes, the market’s competition, or people are just

    • loosing interest in KITH. I’m excited to see what’s down the line. For 2012 the releses that stood out most for me were the Super Red 2s, Total Eclipses and Disc Coves.

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