Nike has been making some major splashes with new trainers this year. Whether it’s the simplicity and common sense design of the Roshe Run or the ingenious idea of the Flyknit, no doubt, Nike has taken this year by storm. Now we get introduced to the new hand woven ‘Free’ Inneva. Not really so new as the prior two shoes I mentioned, because we have seen Woven before. But, Nike boosts this shoe as one that “Mimics the natural biomechanics of the foot”. This is accomplished by adding the flexibility of a ‘Free 5.0’ outsole, a nylon woven upper put together by hand that’s 360 degrees and interconnecting dynamic lacing. What we get is a beautiful silhouette that can’t be denied by fans of trainers. It doesn’t matter if it’s used for running or not, this bad boy will be gobbled up. So where can you get them?…

Since this is Nike Tier Zero release, they will be very hard to come by. In New York NSW 21 Mercer released there pairs this past Thursday at $200. If you couldn’t grab them there, you can wait for KITH to get their allotment and announcement on what day they will launch. Popular online retailer Hanon-Shop will release a limited run online very soon at 00.01 BST (22nd) so be aware of that. Also, expect the price to be around 200 Euros which is the case for other stores like Soto (18 pairs in-store only released on Saturday the 22nd). Another online shop is End Clothing and they will also be releasing some at  00.01 BST (22nd). Not sure if it’s online though to be honest. Details are sketchy with their announcement. But it doesn’t hurt to check them out. Just are just a few of the stores releasing them.

I’ll have some photos of my pair soon. Personally, I’m very excited about this shoe. Everything about it screams comfort and quality workmanship. To see the ‘Woven System’ on a ‘Free Outsole’ makes that technology look more natural. In my eyes, its a perfect match that creates a great looking shape and silhouette. In a sense, it also re-introduces Nike’s Woven tech. In any case, good luck and hope all that want it get their pair. Enjoy the well made video below accompanied by stock images that you’ve seen already.

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[vimeo width=777 Height=436]


Release INFO: Nike Free Inneva Woven TZ

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