I wanted to do a quick post about the new shape of the New Balance M1500 that is on Hanon’s 1500CHF. Some people have questioned the photos I did. They think that I am using a plastic shoe tree to some how transform Hanon’s collab into having a sharp shape. People even asked me if I was toe-pushing in my on-foot photos. Really guys? For those who have followed my photo work, especially those since the beginning, you would have seen that my trend has always been to express the quality of the shoe’s materials, details and it’s form factor. That’s what I do and have been doing so for the last few years. When I received Hanon’s first images and saw the shoe for the first time, I saw something special. At least in my eyes. It’s the reason I wanted to create photographs of this collaboration with New Balance. As always, I wanted to show case the shoe in a way that some of you have come to expect from me as a photographer…

Here you will see the retro 2010 New Balance 1500UKG and 2011 PSW so you can see how the 1500 silhouette changed from one year to another. Below, you will see photos I just did moments ago of three “Made in England” 1500’s that I own. To some, shape is very important because it is the history of the shoe. Once you change that, the shoe becomes something else. Something new. Case in point. Look at how the 1500UKG differs from the 1500PSW and vice versa. Neither one of these are, according to many hardcore fans, the right look of the model. Compare the two to Hanon’s 1500CHF and you can see that the 1500CHF has a much sharper shape that has been stream lined from the UKG and PSW. Yes, all three shoes have plastic shoe trees in them, but in no way am I forcing any of the shoes to stretch out. That’s something I would never do. All intentions are to show you, the viewer, the true form of the shoe that I am photographing. The reason I use shoe trees is very simple. I want the shoe to keep its form and look as if it was on someone’s feet. The shoe will always look different on a shelf or box, as opposed to when it’s on your foot. In any case, just look at the photos below so you can get a btter idea on how much better the Hanon 1500 really is. The proof is in the pudding and three different flavors are below. Choose one

on another note…

Reader Sunil left a comment about Hanon’s shoe form. According to him, the new shape derives from a different glue used that is not used on inline 1500’s (general release). If this is the case, than I would suspect we will get more Made in England NB 1500’s like Hanon’s. Maybe 2013? or a another collab? Who knows. For now, I hope I cleared up some thoughts for some of you out there and I do hope New Balance England uses this new form of the 1500. Fans are waiting…..


Note: All photographs in this feature may not be distributed, transmitted, cached, reproduced or otherwise used, except with the proper citation of Vagrant Sneaker.

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2012. All Rights Reserved.



New Balance 1500UKG, PSW retros VS 1500CHF

10 thoughts on “New Balance 1500UKG, PSW retros VS 1500CHF

  1. nice post V! damn they look nice. Hopefully this “shape” is the new norm for upcoming 1500s as well as other models. Hope I can score a pair tonight if i can get this timezone shit down haha

  2. Great explaination snaps VS, definitely prefer this new shape on the Hanons! Mine arrived yesterday and they look even better in the flesh! Grey laces for sure!

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