UPDATE: Each pair will come with a dust bag and sticker set. Hanon is aiming to launch the shoe in-store on Thursday, August  30th. <-Not fully confirmed, so stay tuned.

Hanon-shop is back at it again with their 8th New Balance collaboration. On this project, they spring forward the iconic NB 1500 model in a make-up that will have this shoe on everyones wanted list. With this release Hanon revisit their  Northern Sole themed project from 2006 and at the same time, they pay homage to 30 years of the New Balance factory at Cumbria in Northern England. An interesting aspect of the shoe is that the premium pigskin suedes, archive mesh and synthetic materials are coming from both USA and European New Balance factories. A nice touch that will make this shoe stand out above the rest because ideas like that are what make buying a collaborative shoe that much more worth while. As opposed to just applying colors…

Looking at the profile above, you can see a great the execution of applied colors and how lush the materials look. What Hanon did was create a look and feel of a long lost NB catalog C/W. The outcome you see are multiple hues of blue combined with a couple of grey accents and teal mesh. A winner? You bet. You can never go wrong with a blue and grey shoe when done properly and this one is as good as it gets.

The big question of course is about the release date and how you can grab these beauties. Grab your smart phone, paper and pen or open up your calendar and write down August 31, 2012 online. Good luck to all!

What do you think about them? On your feet or Not? by clicking on the STAR voting system above the post.

Click each image for a high resolution version.


Release INFO: New Balance x Hanon M1500CHF “Chosen Few”

6 thoughts on “Release INFO: New Balance x Hanon M1500CHF “Chosen Few”

  1. I just don’t see the excitement with these. But I hope for the people that do like them that they are able to copp for themselves. GL.

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