I admit. I’m a instagramholic. Those that have the app and post as much as I do, fully understand the addiction. So when I came a cross a service that lets you take your Instagram photos and print them on an iPhone case, I was more than intrigued to check it out. Ordered a month ago and delayed by customs for whatever reason, my Casetagram is finally here…


It’s simple. Casetagram allows you to sign in with your Instagram account and drag/drop whatever photos you want printed on the back of the case. The builder lets you to choose from 8 different templates to organize them in any way you want (I used Le Corbusier). There are also three different case colors ranging from white, black to transparent. Since I have a white iPhone, a white case was the obvious choice. Though I was sacred about it getting dirty on the sides from handling my phone daily, I need not worry now because it came in a high gloss finish. So any dirt or finger prints come right off with a simple napkin and water combo. The back of the phone is also based with a glossy finish, but not as high as the sides of the phone. It’s actually really nice and hard to present in photos.

As you can see in the images, the case is in a popular form factor that keeps the iPhone away from the bulkiness a lot of other cases out there have. Personally, my favorite and it actually replaces a transparent one that was on it from another company. You can also see how true to color the photos came out and how vibrant they are when compared to my instagram. Casetagram did a great print job, so kudos to them for presenting the colors and details correctly. The packaging was well executed too. A brown sealed box with black tissue paper surrounding the case. Very nice. One thing I do recommend is that you don’t put the phone to sync/charge on a dock. I got mine in and it fit pretty snug but it gave me the thought that the back corners may get scratched from constant placing and pulling of the handset from the dock. My suggestion is to get a bigger plastic holder that has a larger opening if you want to do that: the extras pieces you get when you buy an Apple dock. Other than that, the case does fit well with the phone and feels good in the hand too.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see your photos aside from your Instagram feed, than this is it. It’s a great tangible form of your photo moments that you carry around. The quality is great and the price is fair. For $35 shipped (worldwide included) you get something memorable and different than what other case manufactures offer. It’s your true 1 of 1 that can’t be replicated because no one other than your self can log into your Instagram account. If interested, as many were when I posted a picture of it on my Instagram, you can check it out for yourself at casetagram.com. They also do cases for your iPad 2 and 3. I look forward to grabbing another one when it’s offered for the iPhone 5.

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Fresh Look: Casetagram “Your iPhone Case From Your Instagram Photos”

One thought on “Fresh Look: Casetagram “Your iPhone Case From Your Instagram Photos”

  1. Hi VS that’s MEGA I might have to get an I phone now and bin my blackberry just fir the case mate

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