A little over a week ago I posted an image of the ASICS x Solebox Gel pack that many have been wondering about. Rumors have been out and about the cancellation of this entire pack. Though I knew about it, I waited for Solebox to officially come out and state if the rumor would be true and possibly give us an explanation as to why they dropped the set. Well it looks like the truth is finally out. With no words in their articles, Solebox posted photos of both color-ways from their ASICS collab with the title reading “Dropped”. Dropped can mean a couple of things, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say they got cancelled. Though there is no explanation as to what may have caused this, I’ll say that quantity may have been an issue or ‘THE’ issue. Also, another shoe comes into light in the form of a Onitsuka Tiger. This makes the set move from two to three shoes…

Now that all ASICS collabs will release in pairs of 500, some designers may actually have a problem with that (With ASICS being in a position where their collaborations are being gobbled up by consumers, why not up the quantity to feed more feet). As may be the case with Solebox. Knowing for mostly having in-store only releases, a 500 pair launch for each set may go against what they believe in. Keeping it home is probably more their thing, than just having stores around the world carry their exclusive collaborations. In a way, you have to respect that because it goes back to their consumer base and rewarding their long time fans with special shoes. So, I know a lot of them will now be very disappointed that these will not come out.

Now that it’s official that these have been canned, we can now look forward to Solebox’s Saucony releases. Remember that I’m speculationg and going by what I’ve been told since Solebox has not stated anything. There could be other reasons to why they really got cancelled. But, I’ll stick to mine for now. 😉

Who’s disappointed out there that these will not release?


News Break: ASICS x Solebox Gel Pack Has Been Dropped

6 thoughts on “News Break: ASICS x Solebox Gel Pack Has Been Dropped

  1. Every Asics collab releases only 500 pairs? I’m curious the reasoning behind this. Where did you find that info?

    • From what I as told, ASICS collabs are anywhere from 200-300 pairs. Again, I don’t know what the number was for Solebox, but people camping out for the Yeezy 2 asked Hikmet and he said it was an issue with quantity.

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