There have been some images floating around the net for the next Asics from Ronnie Fieg. An all red make-up dubbed the Super Red 2. Well, here are some exclusive photographs of the shoes. As seen above, the shoe is dominated by a lush red pigskin suede with grey underlining Tiger Stripes. To finish off the design, the common white mid-sole is substituted by a tonal grey mid-sole and out-sole. Plain and simple. How this became the Super Red 2 may boggle some minds, because it’s just a red shoe. It surely fails when it comes down to comparing it to the previous color-way. But hey, some of you need another red shoe in your collection and I’m sure you”ll love these because of the quality suede put on them. In any case, enjoy the other two photos until the official pics are released and tell me what you think about them. No official date has been released…

[Click Photos For Larger view]

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Exclusive: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GTll “Super Red 2” Photos

21 thoughts on “Exclusive: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GTll “Super Red 2” Photos

      • Why Would you post the shoe on your blog and then talk about Ronnie being lazy and you not liking this shoe? That makes no sense. It’s all about quality when it comes to Ronnie’s releases, I have 6 pairs and I love them all.

      • Jae, I’ve been a fan of his work for years. These to me are just not worth it. I’ve seen what he has coming this year and that’s why I agree. Just my opinion. Just like you say you love all 6. I love all the ones I owned. I did skip a few releases because I didn’t like them. This is one I will skip because of the same feeling. I never got the first Super Reds either. Didn’t like them at all. …and I posted the photos because I remember having them. Since I own the photos and the rights belong to me, I posted them. My intention was to post them for my readers to see. Not to call the designer names. Which I didn’t. I just agreeded with how someone felt about the shoe.

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  5. nice shots of the shoe. can’t wait for these to drop. I definitely appreciate you giving us a sneak peak prior to the official announcement. good work

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  8. Appreciate your honesty. It kind of baffles me Ronnie lets you take the pics when you have bagged them. I agree they arent his best work and will pass (i have super reds and 4 other RF x Asics).

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  11. 1 thing is true, it’s a “lazy” feeling colorway. Besides that, the suede looks quality and I personally like the shade of red.

    Nothing to go crazy over.

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