Continuing with the New Balance “Excellent Makers” video series, we take a look at UK based screen printer, Kate Gibb. An artist who’s passionate work has been seen on sleeves for albums with The Chemical Brothers, Bob Marley, Simian, Suede, The Magic Numbers and My Computer. Like all the ‘Excellent Makers’, she too loves New Balance footwear on a daily basis. In fact, she is wearing a 420 in the video…

As a contemporary silk-screen artist, Kate Gibb finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. The products of her creativity are unique, one-off pieces that tell a story through color and abstract designs. Gibb’s belief that, “color sets the mood of the entire piece,” is evident in her growing collection of work. One of her well-known creative outlets is sleeve artwork for the music industry. Her intricate designs have graced the cover of numerous records for bands like: The Chemical Brothers, Simian, Bob Marley, Suede, My Computer, and The Magic Numbers. In addition to her sleeve art, Gibb has created pieces for the Japanese magazines Relax and Atmosphere, as well as collaborated with fashion brands Dries Van Noten and Levis. Her ability to capture a project’s unique attributes through handcrafted details makes Gibb a truly excellent artist.

Website: Kate Gibb


Video: New Balance Excellent Makers: Kate Gibb

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