Reebok’s Workout model just celebrated its 25 anniversary this year. To honor this special event, the company got together with 15 (16 with the Cheap Monday make-up) collaborators from around the world. Their task was to design a make-up to their liking for the anniversary release. One that caught my eye right away was the Packer Shoe edition. That’s not to say that none of the others did. If all the shoes released at separate times and I wasn’t saving up for the Nikon D800, I would’ve gotten a few of them. Instead, I decided to pick this edition of Maroon, White, and Light Creme because it was in support of the local shop near me in NJ, Packer Shoes

I was going to review the shoe, but instead decided to celebrate the release with a Photo Fresh Session. I will say a few things for those doubters of these Reebok Workout 25th anniversary releases. The quality on shoe is quite good. Actually better than good, it’s impressive. Their were no glues stains visible to my standard and some of you know how I make that a habit to point out in my reviews. The stitching on the shoe was impeccable and so where the cut of the panels. The synthetic materials where also very good. I did notice a bit rubbing off of the color on the heels suede panel (look at images below). By the looks of it, the shape looks on point. Great to see that on this retro. The sizing is very close to true, but you can get away with half down for the snugger fit. I went half down to a 10 1/5.

There where 150 of these made. I don’t know if thats the number for all the releases. For instance, I don’t believe the Solebox edition was released to an allotted amount of 150. If interested, you can still grab them at Packer Shoes, Foot PatrolSolebox and Patta right now, with the other 14 pairs. Unfortunately, some are already sold out of course. In any case, enjoy these images and for those that are fans of my photo work, I tried some new editing techniques with these photographs. Enjoy…

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


P.F.S: Reebok x Packer Workout 25 Anniversary

3 thoughts on “P.F.S: Reebok x Packer Workout 25 Anniversary

  1. i grabbed the starcows and i am with you qualitywise.

    it might be the same thing i have to say so often but again it´s not the hype…it´s the quality!!!
    if it was a lyte or 1500 people would have gone nuts way before them dropped…

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