In a new video series by New Balance we get a unique look at craftsmen (and women) that build and create from their passion. People that are not solely looking for the next pay day or notoriety. It’s about sharing the love of their art with the world and showing you what true devotion can bring forward. These people are called, Excellent Makers and New Balance highlights a few…

 First up for the video is the New Balance Associates from the Maine factory in the good Ol’ USA.

In 1906, New Balance was known as New Balance Arch Co., a small prescription footwear business for individuals with problem feet. One-hundred-and-six years later, it’s become one of the largest athletic footwear manufacturers in the world that prides itself on being based in the United States. As the last major American athletic shoe manufacturer, New Balance relies on its U.S. associates to produce a quarter of our U.S. footwear worn by consumers in the US each year, roughly 7 million pairs (where the domestic value is at least 70%, we have labeled the shoe “Made in USA”). Skowhegan is one of three New Balance factories located in Maine. Opened in 1982, the factory is home to a workforce of skilled shoemakers. These craftsmen are responsible for some of New Balance’s most iconic shoes, including the 990 and 1300 series. They believe in producing only the highest quality, hand-stitched shoes—a philosophy that epitomizes the New Balance brand.


Video: New Balance Excellent Makers – NB Factory, Maine, USA

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