In the second video of New Balance’s “Excellent Makers”, we get a look at the associates from the factory in Flimby, UK. The building built in 1982 now houses over 210 employees that are loyal and passionate about what they create. In fact, you’ll get a special view into how some senior workers are being honored. Take a moment to understand the work and pride this team has in bringing you some of the best ‘”Made In England” shoes. They make Excellent Happen… 

In 1982, New Balance opened its UK manufacturing facility in Flimby, and hired 40 individuals to handle production. The factory was relocated in 1991—at that time the production levels were between 2,000-3,000 pairs per week. Over the past 21 years the numbers have significantly increased. Today the factory employs over 210 workers and produces 28,000 pairs per week. New Balance credits its success to a growing demand across Europe, as well as a hardworking, loyal group of employees. The decision to manufacture in the UK vs. outsourcing overseas, like their competitors, continues to pay off. New Balance’s foothold in Flimby is strong. With a group of dedicated workers, and increasing demand for product, New Balance will continue to make excellent happen in Flimby.


Video: New Balance Excellent Makers – NB Factory, Flimby, United Kingdom

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