Available: Vans Era “Blue Dress Denim”

UPDATE: Price is back up from $37.95 to $55.00

There’s a shoe that has been a very popular go to brand for most occasions. That brand is Vans. In fact, the last few years has seen the company brought to new heights with the numerous collaborations and premium make-ups that belong to the OTW division. In fact, I see more Vans in neighborhood now than any other shoe as of recent. So what brings me to finally purchase a pair in over 13 years? The above denim make-up made me do it…

This recent release of this classic silhouette dawns a full denim make-up with a synthetic leather ankle liner and white laces. The denim is pretty thin, so don’t expect a great quality or heavy oz here at all. The ankle part is the thickest, but that because that areas needs that support. The entire middle area of the shoe is the thinnest and softest part of the denim. That’s suppose to give you better comfort. Interested?

If you are, you can grab these at many retailers right now. I got mine from a site I support that has their own retail and online store. That would be  Nice Kicks. In fact, they are on sale right now for only $37.95 +shipping. That’s a sweet deal too, because I paid $55 last week. You can also check out the Black/Red pair too. Enjoy the images…

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©2011. All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Available: Vans Era “Blue Dress Denim”

      • Haha my computer spazzed out on me. Thanks for the quick response V. I’ve noticed your photography skills have vastly improved. Keep up the good work and congrats on working with Fieg!

        P.S. Your pics of the military grey J.Crew 1400’s might make me unable to resist purchasing them…

      • Computers…meh… lol man, it’s all I’ve been doing the last few months man. I dedicated a lot of my time to this hobby now turned into something serious. I haven’t gone out to any place really, other than my favorite restaurants to eat. Other than that, photography daily and editing as soon as I come home. I just got home and I’m already ready to launch aperture and get some edits done. I haven’t even eating yet. lol but, this is what it takes. Appreciate the compliments and the JCrew are really dope man. Love the c/w and perfect for the season. Hopefully next week the Wine pair is at stores so i can look at them. Not crazy about the white stitching, but if the color is nice I may make an exception.

        Oh, and the price of these went back up to $55

      • Well it’s great to see your hard work paying off then. It’s definitely apparent in your recent work. I’m with you on the Wine pair. Color looks great, but not the biggest fan of the contrast stitching. Please let me know what you think when you get to see the pair in person. Bummer about the Vans’ price going back up… still a great pair that I’ll most likely purchase though.

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