Almost two months after the pre-order and my local post office messing up the delivery again, my New Balance 1500PSW is on my feet. I’ve actually been wearing them a lot too. The main reason is that the color on these really pop, and up against the wine colored twill pants I’m wearing, the contrast is even better. I also noticed that these are less bulky than the 1500UKG that came out before these (Notice, that I’m not leaning forward to make the shoe look nicer. I’m actually sitting on a bench). I’m thinking about doing a comparison between the two and the 1500YL which is where this new shape sort of came from. But first, I have to finish this other comparison I’ve been promising. Check out the larger image…

[View On Black]

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©2011. All Rights Reserved.


Worn: New Balance M1500PSW

5 thoughts on “Worn: New Balance M1500PSW

  1. Nice. I was going to pick up the CT3 until I saw that they were $205 and decided on the CSW instead. The plan was to pick up a pair of the PSW and the CSW but the PSW was sold out… Luckily I was able to talk my buddy into getting a pair of the CSWs as well (which made them $130 each from instead of $150 for a single pair). The quality is decent but I can’t stand how flimsy the tongue is.

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