Coming Soon: ASICS x Hanon Gel Lyte lll “Wildcats”

UPDATED: 10.25.2011 – Details for attending on Thursday.

The time has come once again for Hanon‘s next collaboration to launch. Finally naming the shoe “Wildcats”, this ASICS x Hanon Gel Lyte lll collab will see release this coming Friday the 28th at 12pm (their time). But before that, Hanon wil have a special in-store private launch and preview of the shoe the day prior, Thursday 27th October – 7:00pm. You will also be able to buy a few pairs of the shoe there afterwards. If your luck isn’t that good the day of release, no worries. I have a list of retailers that are bound to get them…

If your lucky refresh button isn’t that good this coming Friday, you can expect to see the shoe pop up at certain stockists like, 24 Kilates, Azita, Colette, The Good Will Out, Patta, Slam Jam, Solebox, and Sneakersnstuff. If anyone cares to share any other locations, please feel free to write it in the comments section and I will update this post.

Good luck to everyone and I”ll be joining you on the online battle to get this dope make-up. Also, check out the info below that tells you the inspiration behind the shoe’s color-way. …oh yeah,…Orange laces for the win.

UPDATE: 10.25.2011 – If you are attending the event this coming Thursday at Hanon, you must RSVP to You must also include your preferred size of the shoe. They will allow 50 pairs to be sold. If you make and RSVP with your size and you don;t show up, the pair will be sold on the official day of launch and not held for you. Have fun all you out there.


22 thoughts on “Coming Soon: ASICS x Hanon Gel Lyte lll “Wildcats”

  1. Hi VS I can not wait for these to drop so FRESH I’ve seen the sample in real life (tryed them on!!!) these are going to fly out mate

    Peace out

  2. which of those websites would you recommend in buying from to ship to NYC? Also have you ever gotten charged for taxes and customs ?

    • So far, I’ve never had to pay any taxes or customs on any shoe I have ever bought from overseas. I would try to stay away for Those offering only FEDEX shipping. FedEx tends to be shading when it comes to customs. Just try to stick to Hanon or 24 KILATES or Sneaker n stuff.

  3. yeah i brought from solebox, two pairs from the three brothers and i got charged 82.50 from taxes and customs.. fedex said because i spent over 250.00 so that exceeds the gift limit so thats why they charged me.. have you ever spent more then 250.00?

  4. Got my pair, the last size 12 on the site. They must have been slammed because their website was crashing left and right ala David Z. Cannot wait to get these.

  5. Vagrant, I spent about 2 hours on the website this morning, and coming to find out they do not ship to Hawaii. Do you know when they might release from the other sites you mentioned?

      • Thanks man, I just picked up the Sneakerstuff x Asics GT II collabo, got a great steal from some dude here in hawaii….traded a army ruck sack for them…i would say great trade…

  6. Hey vagrant,
    I’m a big fan of what you do and I love all the crazy collabs of asics gel lyte lately, I was just wondering, do GT3s run big or small or normal? Thanks, much love from Canada.


    • Whats Up DW? Thanks for an interes in the blog. For the GLlll, I would stay true to size. The Asics collabs are nice too. There’s another brand coming out with 2. A GTll and another from the Onitsuka model of Asics. 😉 Can say the name though. The GTll looks pretty good. Reminds me of the make- up from the NB Nazar eyes.

  7. Ok thanks for the inside info as always vagrant lol I couldn’t pick up the wildcats because I had a midterm that day and I decided that school>shoes…24kilates putting their pairs online though right? 😀

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