Available: Adidas ZX500 “Orispi/Bluebird”




UPDATE: 10.4.11 – You can also grab them at Extra Butter.

UPDATE: 9.28.2011 – Edit; Just received them and the leather lining is actually synthetic and so is the tongue.

UPDATE: 9.26.2011 – You can also grab them from SNS.

Sometimes, there are amazing things happening in the kitchens of brands. Things we will never see, and some efforts that just come out of no where. Case in point, the above Adidas ZX500 comes in a make-up that will make you just click the location where these can be bought. In fact, that’s what it did to me…

On a recent visit to The Premier Store e-commerce site yesterday, I saw this image with a new Busenitz in all Black which caught my attention. Clicking on that picture lead me to the entire list of Adidas shoes shown. Scrolling down it brought me to these beauties. Instant purchase. Head to The Premier Store now to grab your pair for $84 plus shipping. I think this will be a classic shoe, regardless if the color-way has been done before. A classic silhouette done right with lush suede, leather tongue and lining. Stay tuned for my image blast of this bangers.

BTW, it seems like they are going because sizes are depleting.



11 thoughts on “Available: Adidas ZX500 “Orispi/Bluebird”

  1. the zx500 has been subjected to some terrible colourways over the last few years in the UK – especially when JD got a them on a exclusive a couple years ago and totally rinsed them…but these look sweet!

    • I always try to look for decent 750 or 500 and never ever find anything. They all tend to look bad. Except for the 750 in the EQT OG C/W. (Wish I could get my hands on this). But, everything about these are too sweet.

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