Release INFO: New Balance x Crooked Tongues M1500 “CT3 and CT4″

Two days ago, Crooked Tongues released some teaser images of their next collaboration with New Balance. The images showed the die-cut pieces of each NB M1500 shoe unassembled. Two days later, they release full images of both shoes built. Let’s dig in and see what they have come up with…

Well, here they are. The first make-up comes in a Orange, Black, and Grey C/W. The second in a White, Green and Lime Green color-way. Familiar? Yes, but here is what the CT Team has to say;

The 1500 is the shoe that gave New Balance the futuristic template for the decade that followed. With Crooked Tongues passing its first decade in business, it seemed like the right time to pay tribute to the first ever Crooked shoe collaboration — summer 2004’s quartet of 576s, (specifically the long sold-out black/orange and white/lime) to offer a muted and brighter choice. The 576s led to a 1500 with Solebox in early 2005 and the ‘Confederacy of Villainy’ quartet in late 2006, including an M575, 577, 991 and 1500. Exactly five years on, it made sense to celebrate that friendship with this homage.

This release harks back to a pivotal moment for all involved in the site – a set of shoes that set a standard and broke ground for an electronic entity like CT. That’s as story-led as this release gets in a world where objects are equipped with unnecessary narratives, and both parties felt there was more mileage in these palettes than the original refresh-and-you’ll-miss-it 50 per piece release allowed. It makes sense that a UK site works with the greatest UK source of sneaker manufacture, with their legendarily high standards.

The premium leathers and nubucks remain, but logo stitch colours have been tidied a little, mesh toes are now on both makeups and colour blocking has been tweaked to accommodate for the 1500’s unique panelling.

Now we all have a better understanding as to why they choose these colors again. Materials look really good on both pairs too. If you’re interested, the solid date has been branded to October 15, 2011 at Crooked Tongues. After that, expect select stockists to carry them. This includes Solebox with their release date on the 22nd of October. You can add the usual suspects of Colette, sneakernstuffTitolo, 24 Kilates etc. No price has been announced yet, but someone mentioned £130 ($200US) to me on Twitter. We’ll just have to wait and see though.



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