Sneek Peek: New Balance x Crooked Tongues M1500 “CT3 and CT4”

After a very long wait, delay and debate of what you thought the model of choice Crooked Tongues was working on, the official announcement is here. It’s a teaser look into the Crooked Tongues New Balance M1500 pack, dubbed CT3 and CT4. The above two images are the die-cut materials of both color-ways right before putting them together. In fact, today was the first day that they went into production for release sometime in Mid – October, 2011. Something some of you may have also noticed is that, the color-ways are very familar…

It looks like Crooked Tongues decided to stay with two of their staple color-ways for the pack, instead of making up new ones. The first comes from the CT New Balance 576. The other from their very rare CT New Balance 576. I’m sure many questions come to play as to why CT would go back and re-hash two old C/W’s or how they have a die-cut pieces already. ??? Many can assume and wonder, but no one but the CT team knows for sure. But, I’m sure you all have ideas, so why not leave them in the comments. Before that happens, I can say that I’m a bit surprised and also, glad to see these c/w’s. A bad thing, a subtle omen of something that you should not do, lack of creativity, keeping it familiar with the fans or whatever it may be, I’m still looking forward to grabbing a pair if all goes well. I can also say I already saw images of them and they do look nice. Not so crazy about the Green/White 576 C/W, but the Black/Orange C/W does look good.

For all the people voting that it was the NB1500 model in the pole, congrats, we were right.



7 thoughts on “Sneek Peek: New Balance x Crooked Tongues M1500 “CT3 and CT4”

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