Release INFO: Saucony x Solebox Shadow 5000 “Three Brothers”

UPDATED: 8.13.11 – Hikmet said that the shoes will release online, but only after the store release. Get them at Solebox. Good luck!

Remembering the year when Solebox’s Saucony Shadown 6000 was released, I always wondered and hoped Hikmet would design a Shadow 5000. Back in May of this year, Solebox released some images of not only one, but three pairs of the Shadow 5000 model dubbed, Three Brothers. Four months later, we finally have some release INFO to share with you…

In about two weeks, you’ll be able to get your hands on any one or all three of these shoes. Each one is limited to 100 pairs world wide at 95 Euros each pair. No info yet if they will be available online though. If you are interested, than mark your calendars to Saturday, September 24, 2011. Happy camping and good luck.


19 thoughts on “Release INFO: Saucony x Solebox Shadow 5000 “Three Brothers”

  1. Can you give a tip regarding the size? For Air Max 1, I always wear a US 10 (EUR 44, 27.5cm). Saucony’s website gives the same size charts for the 5000, however I have the feeling the Air Max 1 may run a little bit small as I wear a 9.5 for most other sneakers…

    • To play it safe, I would say stay true to size on these. This pair runs different than the Saucony Elite produced by Bodega. Those run half size bigger than these. This whole sizing thing is annoying. I have the 11 in the last pair I just posted on the Sale Alert in the Saucony 5000 and I feel that going half down would have run too small. Honestly, IDK. Everyone wear’s stuff so different. I have wide feet and I think an 11 is actually too big on current AM1’s because NIke changed their sizing or whatever they did. I actually go half down because they run long.

      • Thanks man! That’s interesting with the recent change in AM1 sizes: are you talking about the hyperfuse? For them I had to go down half a size, too. I’m not sure, but when you look at the AM 1 hyperfuse from the side, they seem to have a new modified form, with a slightly longer toebox, maybe that’s why those run long…

      • Yeah, Nike has gone through some weird size changes, more specifically, within the last two years. At least, from the products I have bought from them. I haven’t tried on the Hyperfuse yet, but I will soon. I want to Nike iD one.

  2. Thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated, this sizing thing really is a pain. I hope they’ll sell them online, too. Would like to get at least one pair 🙂

  3. Tried my chances with these and got the blue and grey.. initially going for the tri-color ones but upon checkout Solebox’s server crashed again. Had to settled for my second pick! Can’t wait to see them in person. Hopefully it turns to be as pretty as it is in pictures!

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