WTSC?: ASICS Gel Saga Vintage Sample

UPDATE: The shoe has been identified as the original ASICS Gel Saga. Thanks everyone.

UPDATE 2: 8.29.2011: Grab them at eBay right now.

Lets start off the first post since July 25th, 2011 with something that will be of interest to many. Especially all you OG ASICS and Vintage shoe lovers. What we have here is a look into a very RARE vintage and possibly unreleased sample of an unidentified ASICS. Maybe some of you can shed some light as to what we have here, or possibly give ideas as to what it could have been. In any case, check out the exclusive images provided to me…

This unknown, as of right now, ASICS lab sample in all white is pretty damn nice all-around. From the images, you can see synthetic materials used for the entire model. Also notice how pristine the shoe is; That’s some really nice storage skills. To help identify the shoe, the tag says TN392 and the shoe was made in Indonesia. It also has a very mid to late 80’s look going by the materials used and the look of the model when you compare it to shoes of that era. Hopefully that can be useful to some of you, or not. The model, to me, looks like it was what lead to the GT silhouette. What do you all think?

Any help from you guys/gals would be greatly appreciate in identifying the model. The reader, who has provided me with these images, is considering on selling it. So, any of you with hopes of snatching these 9 1/2 samples, stay tuned for further INFO as it’s provided.

Stay tuned for another “What’s That Shoe Called?

Photography by NIC. All Rights Reserved


9 thoughts on “WTSC?: ASICS Gel Saga Vintage Sample

  1. Thanks for posting this Angel. Much appreciated.

    Second, thanks for the help and replies guys! Any idea on when they were made and why they don’t say Gel Saga on the ankle like the others?

    I am hoping to have these posted up on eBay tomorrow. Angel will have a couple Nikes for you guys to help me out with as well.

  2. Loving this shoot! I’ve never really got into the asics but i really like how you’ve done this 🙂 makes me almost want a pair!

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