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I finally took these out the box and into the streets and after a few hours with them, I regret not getting two of them. The colors work well with each other and the materials are great as usual. With that said, I think this is one of the best c/w’s that Ronnie Fieg has done. There are a few others that are really good in his catalog, but I think these stack high. Check out the other two images…

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All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


OnMyFeet: Asics x Ronnie Fieg GT ll “Ultra-Marine”

12 thoughts on “OnMyFeet: Asics x Ronnie Fieg GT ll “Ultra-Marine”

  1. blue laces are definitely better than the white. they really make that aqua color pop. the materials are as smooth as butter. perf. toe box was a nice touch too. most of the time people dont really comment on the actual comfort of the shoe, but damn these gt’s are comfy as hell.

    • Get out of here you old man. 😉

      I have been considering blue laces but haven’t been able to take out some offwhite ones (they match the midsole which is definitely not a true white). I hate how the Asics laces aren’t very stretchy so I usually throw in laces from my 1500’s.

  2. lol i only own a pair of marpat ones, but im staying with just stuff from outlier, and again angel have u changed ur number?

    • I would have preferred half size down. These are an 11 and they fit bigger than the Gel Lyte lll which I stick to my true 11. The same can be said for the Gel Saga if you get any of the retros or any of Ronnie’s releases. I have one already and they are quite big. Half down too on them.

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