Video: New Balance x DJ Mars “Where Are You Running To Next?”

You know doubt know who DJ Mars is and how much he loves New Balance. To take it a step further, Mars teamed up with NB for a unique project that involves both his passions. One being music and the other, New Balance shoes. A combination that goes hand in hand with both cultures. Music, clothes, shoes, and having a good time is a formula all too familiar with all of us…

What you’ll see below are three great separate videos that includes three DJ’s and a look into their lives. Better yet, here is an explanation by the man himself, DJ Mars

Entitled,”Where are you running to next”, this web series takes a behind the scenes look at the lives of me and some of my closest friends (all of whom happen to be great dj’s). The first web series features Philly natives Rich Medina and Don Cannon. Viewers get an inside glimpse of what a day is like for globetrotting dj’s. Lace up your New Balance everyone, this is going to be a ride that you most certainly enjoy!

After the videos you can read a Q & A with Mars. Also, to celebrate the launch of the web series, New Balance is taking 10% of your NB 574 Custom and shipping them to you for FREE. Stay tuned for the rest for the videos as they are released. Enjoy…

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DJ Mars Q & A

How did you get started as a DJ?

When I first started out I didn’t even realize this could be turned into a career. I saw other famous dj’s but didn’t realize that this was an actual career for them. I didn’t even notice it for myself until one semester I saved enough money to pay for the following semesters tuition in cash. At that point it was no longer a simple hobby for me.

What drew you to New Balance?

Business wise,as far as New Balance is concerned, I saw a clear lane for them to drive through. The companies selling point is that they are a great running shoe brand,plain and simple. People in my line of work run around the globe for a living. So creatively New Balance allowed me to share several stories of how we all run our lives. We all may not be athletes but we share the common bond of running our careers.

Where do you see the Where are You Running to Next campaign going?

My goal is to exemplify how the brand can be equally as important to athletes and non athletes alike. Whatever ones lifestyle is,be it entertainer,parent,casual walker,college student running late to his next class,New Balance has a place in their lives.


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