Exclusive: Wood Wood Spring Summer 2012 At Agenda

My last stop at the Agenda Trade Show led me to Denmark born, Wood Wood. Another brand that screams quality on their garments. Feeling and going through some of their knitted sweaters, shirts and pants made me understand why this brand is so popular. The smoothness of the cloths and reaction of some buyers at the booth said it all. I’ll be making some future purchases for sure…

After spending some time at the booth, I was really impressed by the brands garments. Wood Wood had some really nice pieces that you’ll see below and my curiosity about the company led me to desire more. Enjoy the images.

Staying true to classic prints and pieces. Not mad at all.

Getting that 80’s feel here. Polka Dots

This is an interesting take on a camo print. Never seen it done like this and almost feels very vintage. Props

They had a really nice assortment of leather pieces. Quality was top notch to say the least. Just look at the different types of leather grain on the products. Really wanted to take away that black satchel. Fucking sweet!

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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