Sneek Peek: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Leather Backs”

UPDATE: 7.20.2011 – Added new clearer and larger image of above.

So the question that people have been asking me is answered. Yes, the Ronnie Fieg Asics Leather Backs are releasing. Why wouldn’t they be? Just look at the shoe. Premium leather, suede, hues of Grey, Black and a killah pop color. You thought the Mint Leaf was hot, well I think this shoe right here topples it. No other INFO is knowing, but Ronnie Fieg did leave a hint to something else for everyone ordering online and all the international fans…

[Click Image To View Larger]

We all know how many times the servers at David Z crash and how bad it makes the release look because no one can properly order the shoe. In the future, RF will try his hardest to not let this happen to any of his products on his servers. I don’t know if this applies to this shoe because I have no release details, but it’s something for all my friends and readers overseas to slightly cheer about. Trust me when I say, he understands your frustrations.

The recent time I have spent talking to him has made me realizes one important trait about RF. That is, how serious and front foot forward he is about his production. If he wants it done, he gets it done.

“For all my international followers. I am sorry. I do not control the DZ site. Things will be different in the near future.”

– Ronnie Fieg Twitter

Main photo edit by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© Photography By sQMunro


24 thoughts on “Sneek Peek: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Leather Backs”

  1. Hi VS another trainer I will not get lol well done when you get yours mate for all the top work you do

    Peace out

  2. Those are the Bizzzzzz!

    @Glen try TK mate :P, nah rumor says that they’ll be available for international customers, here is a chance to finally get a pair Glen 😉

    Also Ronnie if you read that please: hope the international shipping fees will be the regular ones, not them David Z crazy ones (60$ shipping for one pair + pre-paid customs fees = the cost of one pair :/) otherwise best is to set up another hook-up.

  3. gotta admit i was loving the no international shipping!!!!! Anyways, Good to see these are getting a release, hopefully soon. Having said that I am dreading that with international shipping it is going to be super uber hard to get pairs. If some of us thought it was hard getting a pair lately, there is so much love for asics overseas and it is going to be insane. Im starting to hope Ronnie will up the numbers in production to around 5-600!!!!!!! its hard enough getting a pair!
    All in all I am glad to see him moving from DZ and this should be interesting to see how the next releases will go. With all the hype kids catching on its sad to check ebay and see mint leafs for 500$. really. how about ONE pair for each person if the majority are going to sell them anyways?! Shit!!!! ok im done 🙂

  4. I don’t like the shininess of the leather… Makes them look weird. A matte black pair would be sick as hell though.

  5. enough with the lytes Mr. Fieg.
    i really like Ronnies make ups, but it´s too much!
    some sauconys or maybe sth. very else…
    i for one got a bit bored. like the 20th. shot of a Norse 670 or a Patta AM1.

  6. That clearer shot is just…..AMAZING! 🙂
    (I thought they had patent leather…)

    And I’m with Justin on the “Limit 1 per household.” or that could just be me hating on the people that where able to get more than 1 pair. 😛 All dough it is a shame seeing all of those pairs on eBay w/ Overkill prices! SMH.
    He should do something similar to what Solebox said they where going to do w/ major releases…make the people that buy a pair walk out with the shoes on they’re feet…not DS anymore! 😀

    Looking foward to this release & the better servers! 😉

      • Hahaha! True, making ppl wear their pair is over board. (I wonder if the folks over at Solebox are actually doing that.) But I saw a video where Ronnie said he doesn’t hate re-sellers. It’s all part of the game really.

        And besides better servers (Which I’m pretty sure they won’t be an issue.) it would be nice to see a limit of 1 per household. (Some website don’t even let you buy more than 1 pair of some GR Jordans…if I remember correctly.)

  7. HAHA I know V! I gotta say though as a fan of gel lytes before all the rf collabs I am not tired of them at all. I def would like to see some other collabs from him but really HIS WORK HAS ONLY GOTTEN BETTER with time. I wasnt to keen on some of the first ones and then they just kept getting better over the years so I am DEF not tired of em yet! I would Def Shit my pants if he did a NB or dare I say SAUCONY?????? woooooo! and yes 1 per household please. AS someone who always cops 2 RFs I would still rather see this happen especially for limited numbered shoes! It should be like that for all limited numbered shoes. My buddy grabbed like 7 pairs of air flows from one shop which is great for him!!! but what happens when your the one missing out? 🙂

    • Same way I feel brother. For me, it doesn’t get tiring when the stuff gets better and better and more interesting from a color-blocking perspective. Lets see what he does for online orders and anyone else reading this, leave a comment so he can read your concerns.

  8. well i guess this reply is to Ronnie.

    1. as ive said, might be a good idea to limit orders 1 per household. i think that could help alot, in many ways. you say you respect a resellers hustle. while i understand what you are saying, do they REALLY need 2? they can camp and grab one to resell, let the people who actually wear there shoes have a better chance. im sure you have heard enough complaining about this though, lol.

    2. international shipping. as much as i hate to say this (since im in the US) , you should try and hook up our friends over seas. they need some lovin too. im sure one main issue is it being so damn expensive though. basically if i was in europe and i couldnt grab your releases id be wanting to light myself on fire.

    3. id talk about the servers but im sure you have heard enough of that already. and ive read you have that covered. i believe you do, i have faith. lots of people dont understand how difficult it is to really maintain a server and have it not explode when thousands of people are trying to access it all at once. i work in IT so i clearly understand.

    4. keep doing what you do, im sure theres alot more crazy shit you have in store other than the leatherbacks. i feel like i see people bitching at you more than actually giving you praise. your work is great, your team seems to be working perfectly, and the C/W’s seem to keep getting better. RESPECT

    **ill read the entire torah backwards for a chance at a pair of sz 13 LB’s. MAZEL TOV homie.

  9. forgot one thing. figured id share.

    yea, that is literally eve’s face from wall-e at the top, LB’s, and batman as my slider. i feel like nothing else is needed. if that isnt swag then i dont know what is. anyway, have a good night.

  10. ugh i wish i could edit my post, i dont want to absolutely flood this posting. my apologies, Angel. has anyone noticed any glue stains/splatter on there pair of mints? these have lots of glue stains on them, its much worse on the left shoe. hopefully theres no issues with the LB’s because this really sucks 😦 . looks like the asics employees took a few shots of vodka before putting this shoe together. hopefully ronnie knows and heads to the factory to whoop some ass before the LB’s release, lol.

  11. yeps,,got some glue stains on my left pair and a lil on my right, but my bros pair is perfectly fine =( but they still looked good tho =DD

    btw V, thanks your ultra marine worn post (i missed out on that release), decided to kick myself in the head and grab a pair on ebay, yay

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