Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 iD Denim and Cords Samples -Fall 2011

Get ready to take a look at five different samples for the the next update of the Nike Air Max 1 iD. You’ll get to see the denim (canvas), exclusive corduroy option for in-studio only, the gum bottom and some colors off the palette. I made sure I gave you enough views of the toe-box also…

After viewing the samples at Niketown NYC, I finally understood why the canvas is named canvas, but referred to as denim. The material is canvas, but the twill of fabric is mimicking a denim appearance. Still looks good though. The suede is pretty much the standard that we are accustom too and the mesh is what we’ve been praying to get back. 🙂 The outsole is still one solid color. Not a huge fan of it, but it’ll do. The gum bottom is not like the Air Max 90. So no, it’s not a true one, but it’s also not a painted one like the this AM1. It is a rubber one, but more of a solid one; Whereas the gum is suppose to be soft, this one is much harder. I’m not mad at it, but I do wish it was the same one from the AM90. I’m also really not liking the personal iD option at all. The lettering is kool, but it doesn’t work (It has less letters too). For anyone really wanting to use that option, I wouldn’t recommend it. The last option is a corduroy fabric, but you have to visit the Nike iD studio in-store to use it. It’ s not going to be available online publicly.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the images and stay tuned for the swatch color samples. You can go design these on Nike iD online now and at your nearest Nike iD location like, Niketown NYC.

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


22 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 iD Denim and Cords Samples -Fall 2011

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  2. are there any pictures of the soft suede options?

    i hope they dont have the same curled up look as the cord and canvas does around the toe.

    im assuming since the soft suede material is slightly softer it’ll form to the shoe mold better when being stitched. you know what i mean?

  3. great colours and materials but spectacularly bad shape. a massive, massive shame that will result in me not buying any.

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  5. Do you still need to know someone to get into the Studio? I really want to make a couple corduroy pairs but live in vegas.

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