Live Blog: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Mint Leaf”

The time has come for the final release of the Ronnie Fieg Asics Gel Lyte lll “Mint Leaf” at David Z. If you don’t know by now, today marks one of the biggest highlights in Ronnie Fieg’s career, and the beginning of a new road for him. I’ll once again be doing a Live Blog, as usual, from the David Z flagship store in Soho, NYC. For those that don’t know, there have been folks in front of the store since early morning yesterday already camping it out. CRAZY! if you plan on going down, I would say that if you’re not there now, you will most definitely not get a pair. At the time of this picture (8:24pm), there were 25 heads already there. So, get there now or get nothing but wasted time because you waited. Good Luck to all the online campers and see everyone at the store for the live coverage…

[No International shipping is being done because of the disaster that happened at the Ultra-Marine Release]

8:38 am – Good morning everyone! I’m live and covering the event. The line is crazy right now. There are over 60+ people on the line. How many will get a pair? They better run to the apple store and start ordering.

8:48am – Here’s the list for the people that have been waiting since the morning. Over 50+ names on the cardboard paper. In this madness, you have to try and keep it civilized.

9:12am – The start of the line an it’s getting crazy. To many people here! I don’t think RF anticipated this type if queue. Madness!!

9:30am – Back of the line homie! Over 90+ people! This is insane. NYC stand up!! Only half hour before the release.

9:57am- Server Crashed already!!

10:22 – Having some technical problems uploading images. Still at the store and it’s crazy out in the front. Pairs in the store are almost gone. I can’t even get on my self. Lol

10:38am- Store is sold out. Over 100 people came. Never thought it would be like this.

As this event comes to a close we shut down the chapter of the Asics releases at David Z from Ronnie Fieg. But, it doesn’t end here. Trust me when I say there are things coming that will colossal everything he’s ever released there.

Thanks for stopping by and showing your support for the Live Blog. I’ll have the full REZ photos for Monday with a video. Much love to all that stopped by today and introduced themselves to me as readers of Blog. Respect.

For all those that got a pair, congrats. Catch you all later.


Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


47 thoughts on “Live Blog: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Mint Leaf”

  1. Good Luck to all – hope you get a pair of these bangers if your Stateside….for us Internationals we can only look at the pictures and dream….or pay a pretty penny on ebay.

  2. site down. Argh. If anyone has a pair in a 11 – 12.5, I will make it worth your while. Shoot me an email.Thanks!

  3. Funny how DavidZ blamed international orders for their site crash and the same thing happens. I have a plan, increase your server load for big releases.

  4. brycefromminnesota, not cool it putting it mildly. It costs next to nothing to increase your sever load for one day to accommodate for more users. DavidZ, FAIL.

  5. David Z don’t show any love for the customer internationally!!!!! Thank god this is the last co-lab with that store. They never even reply to emails. WTF!!!!!

  6. Are they sold out online? I was this close *Touchin fingers* on getting a pair. But then… “Well be right back” SMMFH @ the Server * tsk-tsk-tsk*

  7. I was looking for a 10.5 but the site still won’t and didn’t even load…2 hours later!
    I’m going to have to Un-DS my Ultra Marines to feel a little better. 😦
    1 thing I’ve learned about the “Shoe Game” is…you can’t have them all. (Unless your willing to pay 2-3x the retail.)

    SMH…there is OR was a pair on eBay @ $400!

    There is 1 other Collab I’m still static about.
    Hey V, any info on the NB x CT?

  8. How are some getting online, I have been on now for 2 hours and got a flicker then it crashed again!! Have they all gone online now?

  9. ive been on the mint leaf page 4 times, but the size and add to cart part in the middle keeps failing to load ='(

    i also failed on the coves and ultra marines this makes it thrice. let’s hope for some bounced CC/debit =p, ill keep f5-ing for another hour

  10. Sold out online but a user on ISS psoted this:

    For anyone who missed out…

    a) sizes will go back up sporadically throughout the next few hours as they come across people who’s cc info was wrong, shipping/billing didn’t match, ordered more than two, etc. It always happens, and more than you think.

    b) the price of these will be down to around $200 on Ebay in a few weeks just like it is for the Ultramarines right now. Sure, still more expensive than retail, but not bad if you missed out today.

    • i moved to the west coast and got two pairs, you gotta be patient, pairs went back up at 10:30 Am. you needa be quick on that F5 or command R…

  11. So there is still hope at least. I suppose the fact that someone posted on ebay already annoys me as I wanted at least one pair of RF’s to wear. UK 8 if anyone wants to sell or trade. Well done to all that copped em.

  12. SMMFH. 5 out of 7 “Mint Leaf”(s) on eBay are a 10.5…my size! I’m not crazy enough to pay $400 for a pair. $200, maybe, but I still doubt it.

    Even dough there’s still a slight, microscopic, chance on getting a pair, the DavidZ site still won’t load! WTF!

  13. The store is not good enough to handle the sort of HEAT that Ronnie Fieg is putting out. Lets hope he uses a more reputable store next time. Maybe even his own website.

  14. Nic, thanks. Back up to a sold out situation. EPIC FAIL online again for DavidZ. Angel, please tell Ronnie awesome shoe but hopefully he goes to a retailer that can at least give us out of towners a shot and getting a pair.

    • angel did you change your number? I was going to tell you pairs went back up on the site, but you don’t ever respond or pick up your phone anymore..

  15. got an 8 after the site went back up again, still waiting for confirmation, so tc hopefully we both got it. great blog+pics btw Angel, we got the same taste on shoes so I will be following you all the while

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