Sneek Peek: Nike Air Flow Spring 2012

So now that the Hype Train is slowing down for the Nike Air Flow retro 2011 release, we get a sneek peek of the next three color-ways. Above is the other OG C/W dropping next year, but it’s not alone. There are two others you will see. One being a very interesting thought if it’s true. Can Nike be doing a re-drop of an existing release?…

What the fuck is that above? Is Nike seriously dropping the Emeralds again and is this why some shops have this color-way listed as a quick-strike? Can it be that this very Limited OG pack drop was to just create hype? I wouldn’t doubt it at all. If you have a pair of Emeralds and are trying to get rid of it, you better start lowering your resell prices because a bag of shit is about to blow up in your face if this is true. In fact, I may put this post as a hierarchy somewhere on my blog so people know about it.

The other C/W is the new Black and White below that reminds me of the Selfridges‘s release. All three are dope and very much welcomed, but damn the release date year. Sheesh…

Main Image – Photo Blue/Summit White/Black/Voltage Cherry

Second Image – Lush Teal/Summit White/Summit White/Varsity Purple

Third Image – Anthracite/Summit White/Summit White/Black

images via Counterkicks

19 thoughts on “Sneek Peek: Nike Air Flow Spring 2012

  1. why so worried about the emeralds ? everyone knew they were coming as a QS anyway. Only hypebeast losers get caught out having to pay big bucks for them.

    • Who said I was worried about the Emeralds? I have them already and paid under retail for them. ….and who’s everybody some guy? Everybody that works for Nike? smh Shit, I’ll pick up a double of the shoe because I like it.

  2. That is dope! Haaaaaaa now maybe I can get a pair for retail. Sucks for reseller assholes with 800 $ selling price! Freaking assholes

  3. Im all honest now: Nike F!?¤ED my lust to sneakers recently, due to the fact that they create things like this. The flow is a funny model, it’s pretty dope, end of discussion. It’s a retro many people want to lay their hands on, Nike knows this. But making them a TZ in the first place? This model SCREAMS GR all over the place, like the pegasus 89′, vector, vengance etc. Nikes tactics for hype are getting pretty gnarly if i may say so. When they know they can sell shit like this, because of their TZ “value”, they make a safe bet. So now they will make them QS anyway? I bet the cactus greens are comming out free in the mail for everyone, in a year or two then..

    I tried the flow on, when i had the chance instore. I didnt buy them, i didnt like em’. And it may have something to do with the background of Nikes sales tactics. I’m a grumpy man, admitted! But feeding hype like this shouldnt be necessary in my opinion..

    Hell of a work on the blogg recently Angel! Always a good read mate : )


    • Well said Mattias. Here’s the thing….Who exactly were these resellers trying to hype this shoe too? VERY few people know about this model and the ones that want them will not buy them at these dumbass prices. I only found out about silhouette because ZBONA wore it on a TIA at CT and I did my research afterwards. Shit is too funny man.

      Thanks for the compliments mate!

  4. The resellers were hyping it to the same idiots who pay stupid money for shit shoes like the Patta collabs because they’re “limited”. They don’t care at all about the model and it’s importance, they just like the status.

  5. awww finally the Voltage Cherry’s.
    Best CW of all of’em.
    Didnt camp out for any of the latest Flow releases but definitley will do it for the cherry ones!
    Just Love for sneaks.Thats all u gotta have.f**K the douche bags selling the pairs for 500€.attention to the can one be sooo stupid to buy those.

    Voltage Cherry is my colour,but i already to u that weeks ago when we chatted about the other cws.;)


  6. i could see why nike would wanna create hype for this shoe. if you think about it models like the air pegasus 89, 92, and tailwinds weren’t instant sell outs. i def bought my og pegasus 89s on sale for half price from nike store and i can foresee the same thing happening with the pegasus 92s. tailwinds can be had for around 60 bucks these days. they might not have wanted to lose money/not make as much money with this retro release. only retros that seem to sell well are air maxes, foams, and jordans

  7. I’didnt knew about these shoes until a few weeks ago, but I Love Em!
    They have such a nice vintage look.
    Sooo, does anyone know where these will be released???

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